Home and Away episodes 8th to 12th May

Matt and Evie get married, VJ’s behaviour is out of control, and Hunter and Olivia get a shock in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 8th to Friday 12th May, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 8th May

Everyone is thrilled about Matt and Evie’s wedding news and pitch in to help out. Evie is concerned Zac won’t make the ceremony, but Leah’s sure he’ll be there. Phoebe and Maz organise Evie’s make up and dress. Phoebe offers her rings for the ceremony, including a skull ring. Evie finds out Zac’s flight has been cancelled, he’s not going to make the wedding.

John’s found a place for he and Maz to move to in the city. Marilyn’s hiding her reluctance. Alf has a go at John about making poor, miserable Marilyn move to the city. John argues she’s behind the idea, but Alf argues she’s only doing it out of duty. Marilyn does not want to leave Summer Bay.

After the wedding reception, Zac and Leah talk and acknowledge they still love each other. Then Zac confesses: he slept with Sam.

Tuesday 9th May

Evie and Matt privately exchange her parents’ rings. Evie wonders if Zac is okay, but Matt is all about their wedding night. They’re in love and happy. The next day, Evie and Matt finish packing, ready to go. Matt’s quiet and Evie wonders if he’s having second thoughts, but it’s obvious he’s thinking about Leah and Zac.

After the reception, Leah questions Zac about his night with Sam. She seems numb. Zac apologises but Leah leaves the room to attend to a crying Luc. Later still, Zac observes Leah pushing Luc’s pram around in the garden, crying her eyes out. Zac can’t believe he’s done this to her. He doesn’t want to give up on his marriage, but Leah doesn’t want him in the house. She’s had troubled relationships in the past, but no one has betrayed her like Zac did.

At home, VJ puts Luc down and gets back to a school assignment, he’s obviously tired. Luc starts crying again and he throws a glass against the wall, just missing Luc’s pram, screaming that he’s sick of her. Leah can’t believe what she’s just seen and VJ is shaken.

John informs Maz that he will always carry the guilt, he needs to make things right. Marilyn suggests they put their heads together and come up with something.

Wednesday 10th May

Brody is stressing hard about the restaurant reviewer coming to Salt today. Every details needs to be perfect. Justin and Mason try to get him to chill out, but there’s no stopping Brody. He’s really getting edgy. Lena arrives for her shift and notes Brody’s freaking out. She offers him something to help him focus. Brody takes it in the storeroom and reappears in a much more upbeat mood.

Irene’s happy to take Luc until VJ feels less stressed. VJ feels sick about giving her up, but Leah thinks it’s the best thing for the baby. When Leah hands Luc over to Irene, Irene asks how she’s doing. Leah avoids telling Irene about Zac’s infidelity for a second time, and just says she wants everything to get better for VJ so they can take Luc back.

John’s been helping the bushfire victims and wants to do something fun with Marilyn to mark the moment. Marilyn would love a nice night in with her husband. But the next morning their good moods are ruined when John receives a call.

Thursday 11th May

Patrick wants to leave Summer Bay today, his lease is up. Ash suggests he move in with him and Kat. When Patrick arrives with his belongings, Kat’s angry Ash didn’t ask her first, but eventually relents and puts on a welcoming act for a grateful Patrick. When Ash reminisces about their childhood to Kat, Patrick becomes increasingly uncomfortable and ubruptly yells at Ash to stop. He doesn’t want to talk about the past. Kat encourages Ash to talk to Patrick after his outburst, but Ash is reluctant.

Hunter and Olivia still haven’t been accepted to rent a property. Olivia’s discouraged but Hunter remains positive, they just haven’t found the right place yet. Later, Hunter has good news for Olivia, they’ve got a place! A private rental. They’re thrilled and can sign the lease this afternoon, moving in tomorrow.

At Salt, Brody notices his bag has been tampered with and realises his drugs are gone. Justin furiously confronts him in the storeroom with the empty baggie he found. Brody lies and says it’s not his. Justin instructs him to get rid of Lena and never to go near the stuff again. Brody’s in serious denial, claming Lena’s not a dealer.

Friday 12th May

Kat demands to know why Patrick automatically launched into attack mode on Ash when he woke up. Ash tries to be empathetic, desperate not to lose his brother, but Patrick storms off. Kat and Ash argue. Kat wants Ash to talk to Patrick, if this is a frequent occurrence she doesn’t want him staying in the house, and if Ash won’t talk to Patrick, Kat will.

Nate and Tori are excited to have Irene’s house to themselves, now Hunter and Olivia are gone. Getting breakfast, they run into Phoebe at the diner, she’s planning her engagement party and invites Tori to help out. Nate quickly loses interest, he doesn’t have the best track record with weddings. Phoebe suggests third time lucky, cue awkward glances between Tori and Nate.

Hunter and Olivia clean out the dump they’ve rented and Hunter tries to get the landlord to pay for a cleaner but gets a negative response. They didn’t inspect the property before signing the lease so they can’t get out of it without forfeiting the bond and the first month’s rent. What a scam!