Home and Away episodes 10th to 14th April

John and Marilyn get devastating news, Zac and Leah’s marriage is in trouble, and Tori has a decision to make in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 10th to Friday 14th April, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 10th April

When Alf unwittingly stops the mystery arsonist from setting fire to the Bait Shop, Kat realises the situation is urgent. Buoyed by Alf’s confirmation that the perpetrator is male and the discovery of a silver lighter which may contain fingerprints, she resolves to catch the guy before he offends again.

Meanwhile, Phoebe is frustrated that Nina hasn’t responded to her Facecloud message to let Justin have access to Ava. But when Justin relays the advice he got from Kat – to make sure he doesn’t do anything that might jeopardise his application for a visitation order – Phoebe suddenly worries that she may have already messed things up.

Marilyn wonders if John’s testy mood is more than just a bad night’s sleep. John denies there’s any problem and heads off to work, leaving Marilyn unconvinced. Little does she realise, John’s symptoms are rapidly worsening and the stress of working, plus a run-in with an innocent Raffy at the beach, cause him a lot of pain. He ignores the signs and presses on but John’s clearly not well.

The investigation into the previous night’s attempted arson continues and Kat is encouraged when police find a link between all the recent fires.

Tuesday 11th April

Ambulance officers are tending to John in the wake of his seizure. Marilyn reassures him everything will be fine but is privately panicking. At the hospital, Nate is examining John and the cause of the seizure is still unknown. While waiting for test results, John admits to Marilyn that he’s been hiding his symptoms for some time, and this only adds to her distress and confusion.

At the diner, Nina is finally meeting up with Justin – off the back of a social media message from Phoebe. He’s hoping Nina will let him play a more active role in Ava’s life, but she’s still bitter that he didn’t turn up for his last meeting with Ava!

Phoebe later tracks Ash down and tries to buoy him. On top of everything, he’s nervous about speaking at Billie’s funeral. Phoebe reckons public speaking sucks at the best of times – which is why she prefers to sing. This gets him thinking, but they’re soon interrupted by a phone call from Nate.

Back at the hospital, the test results are in and Nate is breaking the bad news – John’s seizure was caused by a brain tumour. John and Marilyn are shocked and scared, but soon rally together to face the uncertain future.

Wednesday 12th April

Leah tries to explain to VJ just how sick John is. But VJ refuses to accept it. Still reeling after the diagnosis, John and Marilyn are dealt another terrible blow.

With relations between them barely thawed, Zac looks for ways to connect with Leah as the family faces this huge day. However, far from dropping her guard, Leah snaps when Zac pushes things between them. Bereft, Zac stalks out and he finds himself at Sam’s motel room. Part of him knows he shouldn’t be there, but he can’t help it. He longs for connection and they fall into bed together.

Thursday 13th April

Zac returns to the Summer Bay House with his tail between his legs to find a hostile welcoming from both Alf and Leah, who are both extremely disappointed that he stayed out all night after Billie’s funeral. When Leah asks where he was Zac makes a split-second decision to lie.

Matt and Evie are planning their holiday to Europe and Matt inadvertently finds the letter she received from Teacher’s Abroad, about spending a year with disadvantaged children in Vietnam. She assures him she’s not interested in the program.

Brody tries to suss out from Tori how serious she is about Riley and is worried when she reveals they are back together and serious. Before he can say anything to her about what he saw at Salt, Riley himself arrives and Brody is further concerned to see how invested Tori is in her relationship with Riley.

On his way to Salt, Brody interrupts Tori and Riley kissing in the Morgan House. Riley suggests himself and Tori move to the city to avoid shoving their relationship in Tori’s family’s faces. Tori is initially reluctant and doesn’t commit.

Friday 14th April

After finishing a run along the beach together, Riley encourages Tori to tell her family she wants to move to the city with him. Tori is still unsure. At the Diner, Mason confides to Olivia that he would miss Tori if she left. Olivia thinks it’s great Tori is in love.

Alf rocks up at the Diner pushing Luc’s pram. Irene avoids holding Luc again. She’s isn’t sure she can hold Luc because of what Mick did, she’s not sure she even has the right to call herself Luc’s grandmother. Alf tells Irene Luc needs her when she’s ready.

Olivia tells Hunter she hates that they can’t be friends, but he confides he can’t handle seeing her with Mason. Olivia tries to talk him around, but Hunter is adamant, she needs to leave him alone, and if she can’t, she should ask herself why.

At the bay, Raffy accuses Nate of being at fault for Tori leaving. She’s upset that yet another person is going to leave her.

Tori finds Raffy on the beach and reassures her that nothing is decided yet, but even if she does move to the city, she will always be Raffy’s sister. Tori realises how much she might be leaving behind.

In the Diner, Nate receives a devastating call from the hospital.