Home and Away episodes 10th to 14th July

Leah needs to say goodbye, Zannis threatens Brody’s family, and John questions his past in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 10th to Friday 14th July, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 10th July

Hunter admits he hid the DNA results from Zac because he wanted to pretend it wasn’t true. Zac lets go of his anger and consoles Hunter. Zac wonders if Charlotte knew about Hunter’s paternity and lied to them both, but they’ll never know. Zac reiterates he still loves Hunter, he will never lose him.

Leah arrives first for the meeting with the divorce lawyers and Zac. She just wants to get the meeting over with. Zac doesn’t show up – he’s in his van Skyping with Evie about Hunter’s paternity news. Leah tries calling him but he’s too involved in unloading to Evie to notice his phone is ringing.

Justin watches on as Alf tells off Scarlett for spearfishing near the pier. When she explains she’s new in the Bay, Alf suggests a spot 20 mins away – but she’ll need a boat. At the diner, Justin lets Scarlett know she’s put a local hero offside.

Tori welcomes Nate home after his trip and is surprised he’s been to the city. He admits Careflight offered him another job, but he turned it down because the job was in Sydney. There wasn’t any point telling Tori because he’s waiting for a job offer closer to home. Tori thinks he should have told her about it so they could have considered all their options.

Tuesday 11th July

After Alf inadvertently breaks the news about Zac leaving for Vietnam, Leah finds the letter Zac left for her and breaks down in his van. Alf finds her and again spills a secret, filling Leah in on Hunter’s paternity situation. Leah is shocked, she had no idea and feels awful for how she spoke to Zac.

Zac gives Hunter his car and makes sure Hunter knows he can call him if he needs anything. After dropping Zac at the airport, Olivia tells Hunter it was brave of him to let Zac go. Hunter admits he thought about asking Zac to stay, but he couldn’t do it in the end.

Tori invites Scarlett to a Morgan lunch at Salt to thank her for helping with Brody. Justin agrees it’s a good idea, surprising Scarlett. Over lunch, the Morgans, but especially Justin, grill her on her life, making her shut down and become uncomfortable. It’s clear she doesn’t want to talk about her past.

Zannis wants Brody to accept a delivery of drugs at Salt, but Brody is reluctant. Zannis is intrigued when he learns Brody has a little sister, making Brody worry that Zannis might hurt her.

Wednesday 12th July

Zannis is about to pour a second vial of a clear liquid into the Morgan’s water jug when the family arrives home, forcing him to leave quickly.

Ash struggles to calm a whinging Luc alone at the pier apartment. He tries begging Kat to come home and help, but she’s working late on the drug case. It’s clear Kat’s prioritisation of work over helping with Luc is getting to Ash.

At the station, Kat asks Murray to check Zannis’s phone records. She wants Zannis caught. Meanwhile at Salt, Brody feels good about telling Zannis to leave him alone and decides he’s ready to start working behind the bar at Salt again. Kat picks up dinner and asks if Brody’s seen Zannis before. Brody lies and denies recognising him.

John organises an appointment with a psychologist, Dr Bailey Voss. Nate thinks talking to someone will do him good. In the morning, John has second thoughts about seeing a shrink, but Alf uses his experience to encourage him to go through with it and offers to accompany him to the appointment.

Tori and Nate argue as they enter the house and Nate eventually leaves, angry at their situation. Nate admits to John that he thinks they should break up. John advises that if that’s what he feels, he shouldn’t wait to make it official. Nate visits Tori, they need to talk. Tori knows what that means. She takes a big gulp of water from the jug Zannis interfered with.

Thursday 13th July

Ash needs to get to the garage and in the absence of Kat’s help, Marilyn offers to look after Luc. Justin finds an aggravated Ash at the garage. He admits he’s struggling with Kat. He thought she’d be more on board with Luc, but she keeps taking extra shifts. Justin thinks it’s because she’s been thrown in the deep end with the baby, but Ash argues he has too.

When John lies to Jett about how well his counselling session went, Jett senses he’s not telling the truth, but John deflects. Later, Alf and Jett agree that John isn’t telling the truth about counselling and Marilyn decides to pay John a visit, taking Luc with her.

Justin finds Kat grilling Brody at Salt. Brody keeps up his lie about knowing Zannis until Kat explains Brody’s all over Zannis’ phone records. Brody lied because he’ll be beaten to a pulp if Zannis learns he talked to the cops. Kat orders him to the station for a formal statement. Brody eyes the delivery of drugs partially hidden in the storeroom as he leaves.

Friday 14th July

VJ wakes up in bed with his one night stand from Salt. VJ tries to let her down easy but she assures him there’s no need, it was fun. ‘Rebecca’ runs into a bemused Alf on the balcony and calmly introduces herself before setting off. VJ, embarrassed, follows her out. Alf drops by the diner and informs Leah about VJ’s shenangigans. VJ assures Leah it wasn’t anything serious and then he shocks her: VJ has decided to give up on custody of Luc.

Jett and John arrive at the address they have for John’s childhood home. John doesn’t recognise it, but Jett’s keen to get started. The resident, Bede, John and Jett discuss the history of the house and it transpires that Bede’s uncle possibly bought the house from John’s mother. It’s seems a bit of a dead end, but when John says he’s a Palmer, Bede shows John and Jett the gravesite of John’s father. John thinks the date on the inscription is incorrect.