Home and Away episodes 13th to 17th February

Heath struggles with Bianca’s decision, Billie is in hospital, and Kat gets closer to the truth in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 13th to Friday 17th February, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 13th February

Heath struggles to accept Bianca’s announcement that she wants a divorce. Bianca’s angry and exhausted – wanting Heath to sign the papers, but Heath refuses. Irene feels for him – but when she talks with Bianca, she hits a brick wall.

Evie hates herself for holding a torch for Josh all this time. She re-directs her anger at Matt, lashing out at him. Roo counsels Matt be a good mate, but Evie drives him away. Matt broke her trust by not being honest about Josh having a girlfriend.

John ignores Tori’s advice to take it easy and is determined to throw himself back into his lifestyle. Marilyn is concerned for John, and Alf steps in. Alf has a heart to heart with John, convincing him to rest for a while. John doesn’t admit exactly how concerned he is about his health, but he agrees to take it easy.

Brody apologises to Jeannie for not handling her father well. In truth, he’s still unsettled by it – but he can’t bring himself to be honest with Jeanie, and finds himself hanging out with her. However, they keep clashing about her beliefs.

Tuesday 14th February

Evelyn’s flustered and embarrassed, after kissing Matt, and is eager to make a hasty escape. Matt, however, is determined to talk about what just happened. What did the kiss mean?

Mason enjoys a moment of flirtation with Olivia, but totally blows his chance to follow through and ask her on a date. Kicking himself, he turns up at the beach house, using a free salad as his excuse for being there. Once again, however, Mason wimps out and can’t follow through on his good intentions. Meanwhile, Zac can’t get Hunter to stop brooding about Olivia.

Billie’s glad to have VJ home, although things between the young lovers get awkward when VJ comments on the marriage licence paperwork that has arrived from the celebrant. Quickly changing the subject, Billie tells VJ they have to get serious about choosing a name for the baby. But later on, they will have more pressing concerns to worry about!

Wednesday 15th February

Olivia returns to the date, but Mason tells her he knows she’s using him to get over Hunter. Olivia doesn’t deny it, and implores him to stay. She was having a great time. Mason admits he was too. Can he get past her hang ups?

Billie’s in hospital, thinking she’s in early labour.

Phoebe gives Justin the cold shoulder. Ash tries to talk to Phoebe on his behalf, but she’s having none of it. She won’t give him the chance to hurt her again. Justin confronts Phoebe, tells her it doesn’t have to be like this …

Mason delivers some home truths to Justin. He’s kaiboshing this relationship because he’s scared of being hurt again. He’s lost so many people – and his daughter Ava… but Justin can’t be unhappy forever. Later, Phoebe asks Ash to keep what she said to him private. But as Phoebe leaves, we get the distinct feeling she, and Justin, are being watched.

Thursday 16th February

Phoebe is struggling to come to terms with her decision. Justin is respecting Phoebe’s wishes, but he’s disappointed. His brooding is cut short by an edgy Decker’s arrival. Decker doesn’t want to see Raffy – he knows she’s aware he’s her father. He’s come to warn the Morgan’s. He’s found out who the bad cop is and wants to take the syndicate down.

Kat’s still investigating the Morgan link – knowing something’s up with them. She’s got files about the Morgans that make no sense… the plot thickens.

The only thing concerning Nate and Tori right now is keeping their relationship a secret. After spending the night together, they arrive at work and struggle to keep their hands off each other. When they are almost caught out by Nurse Romina, they try to stay professional towards each other, even staging an argument to convince staff they aren’t together.

John is back at the surf club after a few days rest. He covers any concerns about his health as he puts out the flags with Alf but the two are quickly distracted when they discover Heath unconscious on the sand. Meanwhile, Bianca’s set on divorcing Heath and Irene’s pleas for her to stay an extra day or two fall on deaf ears.

Friday 17th February

Fed up with Heath’s attitude, Bianca prepares to head back to the city but a call from Nate stops her.

Having forced Decker to talk to his estranged daughter Raffy, Justin’s touched by their slowly growing bond. However, his wistfulness about his own daughter Ava is thrown in to sharp relief when Kat reveals she’s been doing some digging and wants to know why they Morgans’ official paper trail only seems to go back seven years.

Meanwhile loved up Tori reveals Nurse Gretchen is totally on to her and Nate. Privately acknowledging the irony, Tori admits she doesn’t like keeping secrets. Maybe it’s time to come clean. Stop their relationship from becoming a big scandal.

At the end of a long day, Justin checks in with Raffy who reluctantly admits that she enjoyed finally getting to talk to Decker. But it doesn’t make up for the past 15 years. Justin presses – does she think maybe she could ever forgive him?

An intrigued Kat meets Decker in an empty ship yard. He warns her to walk away, but Kat won’t be intimidated. She’s going to keep digging until she gets to the bottom of whatever the Morgans’ are hiding. He tells her that her questions are putting their lives in danger, and wants to know who she’s talked to.