Home and Away episodes 13th to 17th March

Tori is rocked by a blast from the past, Mick terrorises Irene, and Heath and Bianca have a secret in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 13th to Friday 17th March, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 13th March

Tori helps Justin, weak from blood loss, out of the warehouse. She calls an ambulance after Ranae and her men speed away in her car. Justin doesn’t think he’ll make it, and tells Tori that she to tell Phoebe something for him, before slipping into unconsciousness.

On the side of the road, VJ can’t find any phone reception, as he and Billie begin to smell smoke. VJ rushes through the bush to find help, desperately trying to gain a signal, while Billie waits in the car. When VJ sees how fast the bushfire is moving he rushes back, and Billie tells him that the baby is coming.

Zac catches Hunter, but can’t get him to stop looking for Olivia. Brody is relieved to see Justin’s car, but is stunned when he realises it’s Ranae and her henchmen.

Unable to find Olivia, Hunter and Zac return to the shack as the bushfire closes in. Evelyn tells Matt that she has never been happier than she was today. With time running out, they profess their love for one another.

Tuesday 14th March

As the bushfire continues to burn around the shack, Evelyn starts to have trouble breathing.  With worst, seemingly behind them, the group emerge into the scarred, desolate bushland, and decide to head north, towards help.

At the hospital, Billie learns that she may need to have a caesarean. Meanwhile, Nate and Tori find that Justin’s  wound has begun to bleed again. With the new surgeon yet to arrive, Tori tells Nate she’s going to have to perform Justin’s surgery.

Alf and Brody are relieved when the residents that were  trapped during the bushfire emerge. John asks after Marilyn. She’s not there.

Brody and Hunter decide to go against everyone’s recommendations and  head out to find Olivia and Mason.
The pair struggle to navigate the burned bushland, and it’s not long before Hunter is hit by a falling branch.

More drama across the hall as Tori tells Justin’s nurse to prep him for surgery – Tori is doing the operation…  Tori is saved from going through with the operation by the shock arrival  of a the new surgeon. Tori is in disbelief, instantly recognising this new surgeon, who calls her ‘Tess’. He asks after Jack, but Tori explains his name is now Justin. The mysterious surgeon tells Tori that they have a lot to catch up on….

Mick shows up at the Beach House, terrifying Irene. He tells her that everything will be different….

Wednesday 15th March

Alf has accompanied Hunter to the hospital to get his arm looked at, but Hunter is struggling, wanting to go and look for Olivia and Mason who are still missing. John’s worried to discover that Marilyn has not been admitted to hospital which means she’s still out in the bush somewhere.

At the Beach House, Mick tries to apologise to Irene for all of his terrible behaviour. Deeply worried, Irene placates him, telling Mick that she accepts his apology, but she still needs him to leave.

At the hospital, the mystery surgeon asks her what they call Bart now. She reservedly says “Brody.”

Olivia goes to visit Hunter at the hospital. He tries to dismiss his injury, but when Olivia gets mad at him for risking his life, he reveals that he only went out  there because he was looking for her.

That night at the Beach House, Irene comes back downstairs and sends Olivia to bed, but she soon hears noises outside. Worrying it’s Mick, she grabs a knife …

Thursday 16th March

At the Palmer House, Alf is struggling with guilt and worry over Marilyn.

Bianca and Heath squabble over whether or not to tell Irene about a secret. Darcy walks in on the argument and is distraught to see them fighting again.

Leah runs into the Phoebe at the diner and asks if she’s seen Justin. Phoebe admits that after he missed her show at the festival she’s basically been trying to forget about that guy. Leah is surprised, clearly she hasn’t heard,  Phoebe – Justin has been stabbed.

Friday 17th March

On the beach, Olivia approaches Mason, who is the lifeguard for the day – she wants to spend time with him. He’s got work but she’s determined to be the ideal girlfriend. Mason is a little surprised but goes with it.

Bianca runs into Nate and offers to have coffee with him. They walk along the grassy knoll, discussing her news. He senses her worries, and tells her the future is in her hands.

Kat is run off her feet chasing up leads on the fire and trying to get the message out about Mick Jennings. Sergeant McCarthy tells her to follow up the bushfire report – it’s the top priority. Ash unexpectedly shows up at the police station. There’s clearly something important on his mind. Kat eventually finds time to discuss it with him – Ash has been through a lot lately, and he’s come back with one thing on his mind, Kat. He wants them to be together.