Home and Away episodes 15th to 19th May

Roo’s got a secret, Brody struggles to stay away from drugs, and Morag has a question for James in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 15th to Friday 19th May, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 15th May

Patrick and Ash fob off Kat’s concerns about Patrick’s sleepwalking and other issues. Ash is really trying hard to ignore the problems, desperate to reconnect with his brother. Kat’s left feeling frustrated again.

Ash is miffed when Irene tells him Luc’s just gone down for a sleep and to reorganise his planned outing with her for another day. Irene doesn’t see that Ash is getting worked up about the situation. Ash blows off steam to Justin, who unwittingly gives him the determination to go back to Irene to get his time with Luc after all.

Hunter and Olivia happily carry out their home improvements. Irene reluctantly agrees to free up some more of Olivia’s allowance to pay for basics for the house. Olivia, seeking Irene’s approval, invites Irene and Luc around to see the house. Later, Olivia and Hunter are shaken when they arrive home from grocery shopping to find the house has been broken into and trashed, their laptops stolen.

Tuesday 16th May

The police go over Olivia and Hunter’s place for evidence after the break in. They don’t have insurance and their laptops are gone, as well as Olivia’s uni assignment. Their hard fought happiness has dissipated.

Despite texting and emailing, Zac still hasn’t heard from Leah, who has escaped to her parent’s house. VJ asks him if something’s going on, but Zac keeps his word to Leah and pretends he’s just stressed about work. VJ’s feeling better having had some sleep and closer to taking Luc back from Irene. Zac receives an email reply from Leah telling him to leave her alone, he cheated on her! Later, VJ finds Leah’s email to Zac …

Kat’s not impressed with Ash’s decision to take on custody of Luc, he hasn’t thought this through properly. Having had time to cool down, Irene and Ash try to resolve their differences calmly. VJ arrives in the middle of the discussion and is furious Ash wants to go for custody.

Wednesday 17th May

VJ confronts Zac about cheating on Leah. Zac confesses he slept with Sam after Billie’s funeral. Can Zac ever make up for his mistake? Hunter’s shocked to learn Zac cheated on Leah and has a go at Zac about it.

Roo’s been giddily receiving texts from a ‘James’ and ignores a call from him when Irene arrives at the Diner. Irene picks up Roo’s ringing phone and sees it’s a call from James. Irene assumes it’s Roo’s “horrible ex James,” but Roo insists it’s a different guy.

John and Marilyn can’t afford to use Morag for John’s case and have been appointed a Legal Aid defence lawyer. Marilyn’s full of hope and desperation, organising John’s appointments, character references and outfits. John’s in a bit of denial. He’s got two weeks until the trial, plenty of time. Maz worries about how laid back John is being to Irene and Roo. They convince her to force him to face what’s happening.

Phoebe’s thrilled to find her old friend Donna on the Pier, she’s come back from recording and touring in LA to come to Phoebe’s engagement party tomorrow. Donna is living Phoebe’s dream. Donna thinks Phoebe has given up a lot and shouldn’t bury her talent. Phoebe insists her life is fine, but Donna’s not buying it.

Thursday 18th May

The Morgans prepare for Justin and Phoebe’s engagement party. Brody arrives home in a mood and loses his temper at Raffy for storing a box in his room. In the morning, Justin learns Brody had a go at Raffy and becomes suspicious. Justin angrily confronts Brody when he wakes up a midday, he knows Brody’s on the gear again.

With Morag on the case at least John and Marilyn at have something positive to focus on. Morag believes they can argue diminished responsibility and hopefully John won’t have to spend any time in gaol. It will be a tough, emotional journey though. They need to be ready for a fight. Maz is up for it. Is John?

Roo and her secret, young lover James happily canoodle. Roo’s surprised how much James is into her, being an older woman and all, but James doesn’t care about the age difference. Roo tries to hide James in her room when Morag unexpectedly shows up, but Morag sniffs Roo’s secret out in no time.

Dr Chung informs Tori she needs to fire a doctor from ED due to budget cuts. Tori doesn’t sleep well that night, she doesn’t want to fire anyone. The next day, she tells Chung no one deserves to lose their job, she can’t make a decision based on performance. They’ll have to make a decision based on who’s costing the hospital the most money then.

Friday 19th May

The Morgans continue to prepare for the engagement party. Brody’s in a better mood and apologises to Raffy for yelling at her yesterday. He’s keen to get on the pre-drinking wagon. Everyone’s happy. At the party, Brody flirts with Donna, offering to cook her dinner at Salt, but Donna’s got a boyfriend. He’s just made an idiot of himself.

Tori’s shaken after her meeting with Doctor Chung. Nate notes she’s a bit off but Tori avoids talking about it. Tori unloads her work concerns to Justin. She can’t get someone else to fire Nate because the hospital doesn’t know Tori and Nate are together.

James wants to check out Summer Bay, but Roo’s reluctant to be seen around town. James asks if she feels weird about being seen with him. Roo just thinks they can have more fun at home. James won’t argue with that. Morag has an awkward run in with James at the apartment. Morag advises James not to get too attached to Roo, asking him why he thinks Roo’s hiding him away?

Morag’s disappointed that John’s decided to take the plea bargain, he’s totally railroaded Marilyn into accepting his decision. John’s not budging, Morag can’t guarantee success in court. Morag hopes he finds the courage to reconsider.