Home and Away episodes 17th to 21st April

John can’t live with his guilt, Zac and Leah’s marriage is on the rocks, and Matt has a decision to make in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 17th to Friday 21st April, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 17th April

Phoebe’s disappointed to learn she has four weeks to find somewhere to live when her landlord decides to sell the Farm house. Canvassing her options with Justin, she’s surprised when he suggests they move in together.

Tori is called into a special Board meeting at the hospital to discuss Riley’s surgeon’s report regarding Billie’s case, and is surprised to find Nate being grilled for the decisions he made while treating Billie.

Marilyn confides in Alf, revealing that John has been despondent and unresponsive since learning he is responsible for the bushfires. Alf offers to accompany her to the hospital to support her, and they’re both shocked when they try to jolly John out of his dark mood, only for him to reveal that he’s decided against having the life-saving surgery to remove his brain tumour.

Tuesday 18th April

Marilyn is a bag of nerves. She opens up about her fears – the surgery may leave John changed forever and she doubts he will ever forgive himself for his actions.

Raffy speculates on the reason for a Morgan family meeting – is Phoebe pregnant?

Wednesday 19th April

Matt and Irene watch on as Leah tells Sam to stay away from Zac. Sam retorts that maybe Leah should tell Zac to stay away from her. Leah’s angry and Irene advises not to let it get to her, but Leah is a mess – she’s tired from Luc being up all night and she had a fight with Ash. Zac arrives home from his workout and an exhausted Leah lays into him about not asking her if she needed help; then she apologises for losing it when Sam showed up. She knows she’s pushing him away. Something’s wrong and they need to work it out. A guilty Zac agrees. He needs to tell Leah something…

Ash is furious with Leah after their argument about Luc and unloads on Kat who tries to calm him down. Ash doesn’t think someone who isn’t even Luc’s family should be able to tell him when he can or cannot see Luc. Ash worries that Leah might stop him seeing Luc altogether.

At the hospital, Alf thanks Nate for his help with John despite having to treat the victims of his arson activities. Alf watches over Marilyn and John. Kat arrives at the hospital to see John, she’s pleased he’s feeling better, but John tells her to get on with it. Kat formally informs the group that John is being charged with arson, including arson causing death.

Thursday 20th April

Leah and Zac are trying to resolve their issues, each taking the blame. Zac is about to tell Leah about his affair with Sam when Matt arrives, urgently needing to speak to him while Luc has woken causing Leah to leave the room. Matt begs Zac not to tell Leah of the affair, telling him to make sure he thinks this through before ruining his life.

Liv is feeling overwhelmed by the start of university, worrying about not being properly prepared. Liv finds herself confiding in Hunter about her fears about university and how lost she is feeling.

Evie worries she is putting too much pressure on Matt about coming to Vietnam and says she understands that Matt has concerns but is adamant that they can work it out. Just as the conversation starts to get serious they are interrupted by Hunter, who asks Evie to help him make a first year student guide for Liv as a surprise present.

Matt discloses his fears about Vietnam to Leah who encourages him to take the risk and go.

Sam tells Zac that she is leaving town but argues that something is broken in his marriage and encourages him to leave as she wants him to be happy.

Friday 21st April

A happy couple at last, Hunter agrees to attend O Week with Olivia. Olivia gives Hunter a uni tour. They meet Lena, a fellow fashion design student who needs directions. Lena introduces a new friend, Byron, to Olivia and invites her to Salt’s uni night. Olivia is reluctant – it’s her ex’s restaurant. Byron offers to protect her but Hunter pops up and clarifies that he’s Olivia’s boyfriend, no need for Byron’s protection.

At the Diner, Matt is packing discusses Vietnam with Evie. They’re excited, but Matt hasn’t talked to Ellie yet. He’s not sure of the best way to break the news to her, but Evie encourages him to bite the bullet.

Ash receives Billie’s death certificate in the mail. It hits him hard. He seeks out Kat, who takes him out to get his mind off it. Ash ignores a phone call, it’s a woman trying to work out Billie’s estate. He tells Kat he wants the small amount to go to Luc, but he has to prove his brother is dead before they will release the money. Kat picks up the phone to call Births, Deaths and Marriages. After the call, Ash confides in Kat that he can’t believe he’s the last Ashford left, they’re almost extinct, but Kat tells him he’s not alone.

Olivia thanks Mason for breaking a the fight between Byron and Hunter. Mason confirms Hunter and Olivia are now together and she apologises for hurting him, but Mason thanks her for being honest with her feelings. As Mason leaves, Lena finds Olivia and quizzes her on Mason’s relationship status. Olivia encourages her to go for it.