Home and Away episodes 17th to 21st July

Brody goes on the run, Ash struggles with baby Luc, and John unlocks his memories in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 17th to Friday 21st July, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 17th July

Nate is still resentful about his decision to decline the job offer and stay with Tori but nonetheless he assures her that they are okay. Nate runs into Alf at Salt where he is given an update on her tough situation; doesn’t it seem easier to just pack up and leave and get a fresh start? Nate can see why this idea would appeal… not just to Leah.

Nate accidentally tips the kayak, sending Leah overboard. They playfully splash each other in the water and banter about it afterwards at Salt. Leah reflects on her marriage with Zac which causes Nate to accidentally reveal that he isn’t all that happy with his own relationship with Tori. Meanwhile, Tori confides in Justin her true feelings about Nate… was his deed with Leah really as selfless as Alf has led her to believe?

Nate and Tori have a chat and confront the issues in their relationship, it seems that they both feel the same way…

Jett questions whether John ever questioned the nature of his father’s death, a supposed heart attack. John angrily brushes Jett off, he’s tired and no he hasn’t thought about it. But Jett suspects that John knows more than he is letting on. Jett shares these concerns of his with Marilyn… Could John be trying to hide something?

Tuesday 18th July

Nate and Tori try to end their breakup amicably, Nate wishes he had broken the news in a softer manner but Tori takes it all in her stridel. She is upset but agrees that it is for the best, it shouldn’t be this hard. Tori tells Nate to go and call Careflight. Later Nate tells Leah at the diner that Tori took the breakup well, but despite this he hasn’t called Careflight yet.

Both Scarlett and Justin notice that Brody’s spirits seem lifted. Justin is pleased to see that his brother is bouncing back relatively quickly while Scarlett is dubious as to what the reasons behind this might be. Scarlett visits the Morgan house to discuss these concerns with Tori only to find that Tori doesn’t quite seem herself.

As Leah, Nate and Alf head off to dinner together to celebrate Nate’s new job they run into Tori and Justin who are on their way to get dinner also. Nate reveals that he has taken the job with Careflight and will be leaving the Bay tomorrow. Leah encourages Nate to go and talk to Tori and sort things out; she obviously isn’t coping as well as he’d hoped.

Justin and Scarlett confront Brody with the drugs that Scarlett found in his van, Brody half-heartedly attempts to come up with a convincing lie but can’t. He assures Justin that he wants to get clean and tells him to just throw the drugs away.

Wednesday 19th July

Following the robbery at Scarlett’s house, everyone sets about looking for Brody. The Morgan’s remain reluctant to admit that Brody was most likely behind the robbery and when Scarlett wants to call the police, the family is hesitant. But when Justin backs Scarlett up, insisting that Brody is a danger to himself right now, the others concede.

The Morgan’s are discussing Brody’s possible whereabouts and what to do next, when Brody himself strolls through the door. Calmer and more grounded than the night before, he says he’s back because he wants to do it properly this time – move home and get clean.

When Hunter receives a message from Zac in Vietnam, he struggles with how to reply, unsure of how to even address Zac these days. When Olivia arrives back at the house, Hunter quickly shuts down the message but Olivia has already seen it.

Thursday 20th July

John is frustrated with his lack of progress in therapy as he hasn’t discovered anything more about his father’s death or recovered any suppressed memories. Dr Bailey quizzes John about how he felt revisiting his father’s grave and childhood home. When some of the details don’t completely line up Dr Bailey implies that John could be mistaken about the role that he played in his father’s death, how is he so sure that he was responsible?

Kat returns home to change into a fresh shirt before returning to work and finds Ash trying to comfort a still crying Luc. Ash expresses that he is struggling as Luc has been crying non-stop for the past few days and that he could really use her help. Kat is sympathetic but tells Ash that work is busy, explaining the situation with Brody and the robbery. She cares about baby Luc but reminds Ash that her career is important too and that she has to get back to work.

Olivia, Hunter and Leah return to the Summer Bay house where Leah chides Hunter for being so careless with Zach’s car. She understands that Hunter is hurting but he still needs to show some respect. Furious, Hunter has a go at Leah and blames her for Zac leaving, saying that it is all her fault.

Ash goes to visit Kat at the station where he suggests that the three of them go camping, explaining that a change of scenery might be what they all need. Kat turns down the invitation saying that she is too busy with work. Ash bitterly remarks that she doesn’t look that busy, she was just sitting around chatting as he walked in, which leaves Kat feeling flabbergasted.

Friday 21st July

Justin continues to search for Brody who is on the run from the police but is unable to find him anywhere. He breaks this news to Tori at the hospital and she admits her fears that something bad will happen to Brody if he isn’t found soon. Later at Salt, Tori beats herself up for not realising that Brody was using again. Why could none of them see it while Scarlett, a stranger, could?

As Ash sets up the tent for their camping trip Kat goes to unpack the rest of the car only to discover to her dismay that Ash hasn’t packed anything else… just the bare essentials. Kat fumes at this, couldn’t they have gone camping in a cabin? Or somewhere that at least had a toilet? Ash tries to appease her as she storms off with a shovel and some toilet paper.

Jett and Marilyn search for John after their hypnotherapy session together. Marilyn blames herself for what happened, she shouldn’t have pushed him so hard, she didn’t realise he would get so upset. Jett is adamant that Marilyn did the right thing, it was what John wanted, he just needs time to process what he saw.

Later, John admits to Jett that he can’t stop obsessing over what he might’ve said… and why Marilyn and Jett won’t tell him; what could be worse than him thinking he’d killed his own father? When Jett and Marilyn discuss the day’s events Marilyn reveals that she doesn’t think they should tell John at all; it is too horrible. Jett argues that John has a right to know but Marilyn won’t budge… some things are better left forgotten.