Home and Away episodes 19th to 23rd June

VJ considers giving up Luc for good, Ash convinces Patrick to seek help, and Zac lies to Hunter in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 19th June

Patrick suffers a PTSD episode following the car accident. He looks at the injured Ava lying bloodied on the ground, and he is convinced that he killed her.

Brian and Justin are frantically trying to find out where Ava is. Kat takes Patrick back to the Yabbie Creek police station.

Leah is minding baby Luc for the day, expecting VJ to want to come for a trip to the lookout. But VJ is evasive, he has study to do.

Brian is furious about Ava’s accident, taking out his feelings on Justin. Justin later runs into Patrick, he shoves him – needing to take out his anger on someone. Patrick doesn’t fight back. Phoebe drags Justin away, and tells him that if he wants to be Ava’s father, he needs to act like one.

Patrick walks around the Pier apartment, haunted by the memory of babies crying when he was in Afghanistan. Kat tells Patrick that he’s Ash’s brother, they don’t give up on family.

Tuesday 20th June

Kat and Brody scramble to find Patrick. Kat takes baby Luc to the police station and she organises a trace on Patrick’s phone. She calls his location through to Ash, who is speeding along the coast. Ash finds Patrick sitting on a cliff.

Brody storms into the Morgan’s place, he’s having no luck getting new bank cards from the bank. He’s snappy with Raffy and the family, annoyed that he has to keep borrowing cash from them. Mason takes Raffy to the Surf Club for icecream, where she admits to him that she stole Brody’s credit cards… She thinks Brody is lying. Meanwhile Brody is a mess in the family home, his drug habit getting the better of him.

Brian arrives at Justin’s doorstep – he’s ready to talk. Brian admits that it has been hard having the little girl that he has raised as his own suddenly start asking about her ‘real dad.’

Brody arrives at a pawn shop, hoping to sell Raffy’s necklace. The pawn shop owner only offers ten dollars. Brody grows agitated that the owner won’t negotiate. When the owner warns him to leave, Brody quickly turns aggressive.

Wednesday 21st June

Frantic, heading away from the Pawn Shop, a terrified Scarlett makes a calculated decision and stops the car. Brody yells at her but she holds firm, offering her handbag to appease him. Without thinking, Brody scrambles out with the bag, before desperately taking off.

Brody tries to convince Scarlett that he’s never touching ice again. Scarlett is sceptical – all she’s hearing is ‘the drugs made him do it’. He continues to try and talk his way out of it but she’s not sure of his sincerity. Scarlett makes it clear she will call the cops if he isn’t more honest.

John and Marilyn get ready for work. He is upbeat, though it masks his anxieties, sensing things are not completely right with his wife. Marilyn pastes on her ‘everything is fine’ face. He chooses to accept that – both in their own way papering over the distance between them.

Roo struggles with morning sickness at work, as she continues hiding her pregnancy from the world. Roo questions why Marilyn hasn’t been honest with John. Marilyn believes her feelings for John will return in time. Roo is less convinced but troubled herself – beginning to realise what a huge decision she’s made about the baby; apprehensive about doing it alone.

Hunter receives a package from a DNA company. He reassures Olivia he ordered it online before realising it was all a mistake. He hesitates but is confident Zac is his dad.

Thursday 22nd June

Hunter’s determined to go through with the DNA test, to discover whether Zac is really his father, in spite of Olivia’s protests. She thinks Hunter’s making a big mistake, but Hunter insists he needs to know the truth, especially considering Zac’s about to run off and dump him.

Marilyn, meanwhile, is bereft at seeing the continuing hostility between Irene and Leah, and conjures up a plan to bring them both together over lunch. Roo’s dubious –especially about tricking Leah and Irene into turning up when neither of them will know the other’s been invited.

Roo chases after Leah, who’s still very worked up and angry. Leah makes a point she is not the only one in the town with problems and doesn’t understand why Roo’s getting caught up in Marilyn’s ridiculous schemes, when Roo should be thinking about the tenuous state of her own life.

Leah arrives home after the disastrous lunch, and she’s already starting to feel regretful about having been so ‘candid’ with her friends about the dubious state of their own lives. She’s reaching for a bottle of wine when she realises Zac’s in the house, packing up some of his things. Both can see the other’s upset, and they take turns in sharing how horrible their day’s been.

John is devastated as Marilyn finally tells him that her feelings for him have changed… And if that’s the case, she’s not sure how they can continue to be together…

Friday 23rd June

Justin bumps into Nate and gently presses him for info on what’s going on between him and Tori. Not wanting to get into it, Nate evades the question but Irene won’t let him off that easily. She gets Nate to admit that the loss of his job still stings, especially since it was Tori who fired him. Irene advises Nate to try to mend bridges.

Marilyn finally opens up to John and confesses that in light of the fires he started she’s truly scared of him. She knows that the tumour played a part in this but she can’t reconcile the John she knows and loves with the man who committed those heinous, vile acts. She doesn’t know if she can ever forgive him for hurting her and those she loves.

Upon learning that Leah slept with Zac in a moment of loneliness, Roo is forced to confront her own solitude. But she remains determined to raise her child on her own, without James’s help.