Home and Away episodes 1st to 5th May

VJ continues to struggle with Luc, Leah is furious with Irene, and Tori is surprised by Nate in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 1st to Friday 5th May, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 1st May

Phoebe reacts poorly to Justin’s proposal of marriage. She is confused on how Justin could have got it so wrong and wonders if he truly wants the same things as her. Meanwhile, Justin thinks it’s been long enough for him to know she’s the one and if she can’t already see that, then maybe it’s over.

VJ continues to struggle with parenting baby Luc and balancing that with school work and taking care of himself. Leah tries to comfort him by helping watch Luc while VJ studies, and tries to ease his frustration by saying it will get easier, but VJ warns her, it won’t help.

Olivia and Hunter wonder about his suggestion for them to live together. Oliva expresses that they don’t see each other enough now, but she is sceptical; it’s a massive step at their age, could they even afford it? She tells Irene, who’s  against Hunter’s crazy proposal, and asks why Olivia would  even contemplate this; she has a good, steady home and has a lot to worry about with University  coming up.

Tuesday 2nd May

Brody consoles a grumpy Justin, he’s sure that Justin and Phoebe will sort out the proposal-gone-wrong. At Salt, Kat and Phoebe discuss the proposal and potential break up. Phoebe thinks of her parents’ disastrous marriage, but Kat reminds her Justin makes her happy. Phoebe tells Brody she isn’t anti-marriage, but Justin had previously agreed with her – marriage was a long way away.

VJ tries to assure first Alf and then Irene that he has everything with Luc under control, but he’s obviously under a lot of pressure and not coping at all. Later, unable to calm a crying Luc, VJ loses it and shakes her cot, yelling at her to ‘shut up.’ Shocked at his own actions, VJ escapes the room and is spaced out in the living room when Leah arrives home, Luc still crying in the nursery.

Olivia and Hunter have been house hunting and Irene bemoans her soon-to-be-empty nest, she’ll miss Olivia. Olivia and Hunter realise they will need to make sacrifices to afford their rental house – no new clothes or concert tickets. Alf wonders if they’ve thought this through, but Olivia is confident – after paying the rent they’ll have $100 a week left, that’s heaps! Kat advises they need to look good on paper first, and with Hunter’s criminal record it’s going to be difficult from the get-go. She wishes them luck. Alf reckons it’s the wake-up call the youngsters need.

Wednesday 3rd May

Leah is furious that Irene wants to take Luc permanently and unleashes a torrent of anger on her old friend, who just wants to help. Leah feels attacked and lashes out. Irene argues she’s living with the guilt of Mick’s actions every day and wants to look after her grandchild to make up for it.

Kat finds Patrick at the beach. Ash hasn’t returned any of Patrick’s calls and he wonders if he’s wasting his time. Kat heads over to the caravan park and finds a brooding Ash who isn’t ready to work things out with Patrick. Kat begs Ash to talk to his brother but Ash has his mind set. Entering Salt in a rage after almost running into John, Kat tries to placate him but he runs straight into Patrick. Kat’s organised a meet up between the brothers. Ash doesn’t understand how they can be family when Patrick won’t even use his real name.

A happy Nate and Tori are heading in for a shower but are interrupted by Raffy, who lets them know Mason and Brody are also still around. The lovebirds head over to the Beach House and things start to heat up before they’re interrupted again, this time by a smirking Irene. Irene’s had a change table shipped to the house and Nate offers to build it. The three check out the beautiful nursery Irene has set up. Nate thinks Luc couldn’t ask for a better grandma, but Irene is obviously still reeling from her argument with Leah last night.

At Palmer House, John is staunchly opting out of a beach walk with Marilyn, he hasn’t left the house for a week to avoid being harassed by locals. Marilyn’s sure everyone would have calmed down by now but John’s in complete disagreement.

Thursday 4th May

Tori’s surprised Nate doesn’t want children. Nate likes having no responsibilities, his life is his own. Tori wants to talk about it but Nate sees John’s in trouble and uses the excuse to escape. Later, Tori visits Nate on the pretense of finding out how John is. She asks about the kids issue, is it about not getting hurt again like when Ricky and Casey left?

After being punched by Ash, John’s recovering outside the Surf Club. Marilyn’s beside herself, she doesn’t know what Ash was thinking, punching a man who has just had brain surgery! John insists he’s fine but Tori and Nate want John to get checked out at the hospital. Back home after getting the all clear, Marilyn fusses over John. Marilyn wants to approach Kat about Ash, but not as a cop, as his girlfriend.

Patrick tries to calm down a worked up Ash after his confrontation with John. Ash doesn’t want his advice now, where was he when he needed him?! Patrick admits he screwed up. Ash orders him to get lost. Patrick runs into Alf at the Diner. Alf informs him John had a brain tumour and had no idea he was lighting fires. This is obviously news to Patrick.

Brody’s in a bad mood, business at Salt is down and there’s a review coming out in the Business Traveler, a national publication, in two weeks. Worried about what could happen if the review is bad. Brody’s stressing, he’s got to create a new menu and one of his waitstaff has just quit. At Salt, Brody’s still stressing when Lena arrives looking for a job.

Friday 5th May

At Salt, Brody is in a better mood and has made Lena a cocktail to try out from his new menu. Lena offers to celebrate and they kiss. A hyper happy Brody greets Evie and Matt as they enter, interrupting the kiss. Brody confirms he’s ready to hold their farewell drinks tomorrow and they leave, murmuring about how happy Brody seems.

A furious Alf interrogates John on why he wants to leave the Bay, dragging Marilyn with him. Running away won’t solve his problems. Alf can’t believe John would drag Marilyn away from everything she knows and loves, that’s not the right thing to do. John says it’s Marilyn’s choice.

Evie and Matt surprise Ellie with news that they’re going to spend the whole day with her doing things she might not have done in Summer Bay yet, like the Lighthouse Walk. Ellie passes, she’s hanging out with Raffy. That takes the wind out of Matt and Evie’s sails. Matt and Evie have the whole day to themselves and wonder if they’re being lame and co-dependent.