Home and Away episodes 20th to 24th February

Decker is rushed into hospital, Kat is suspicious, and Ash feels guilty in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 20th to Friday 24th February, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 20th February

Decker’s rushed in to the hospital, with a shaken Kat following. While being prepped for theatre, a USB stick falls from Decker’s pocket.

Justin takes Kat aside to confront her, and Kat admits she knows they’re in witness protection and that someone in the force wanted Decker dead. Kat wants to know what she’s up against. The more she knows, the more she can protect the Morgans.

A scared and shattered Raffy admits to Justin she’s terrified of losing her dad. Mason and Justin attempt to open the files on the USB.

Superintendent Ranae Tunks introduces herself to Kat – the Commissioner sent her. Kat is instinctively wary, though Ranae seems to genuinely care. They are shocked when alarms go off in Decker’s Recovery Room. He has gone into cardiac arrest.

Ranae informally questions Kat over her preliminary statement – did Kat leave out any details of her conversation with Decker before he was shot?

Tuesday 21st February

Hunter is awkward on seeing Olivia before asking her what’s going on with Mason. Olivia admits things are too complicated for her to embark on another relationship, so nothing more will happen. Hunter’s privately thrilled.

Nate’s not happy about being kept at arm’s distance by Tori, when she asks him to leave their house which is under police guard.

Kat becomes convinced Ranae can’t be trusted. Meanwhile, Phoebe’s worried about Justin and the Morgans.

Phoebe’s happy to help the Morgans, excited to hear this could all soon be over.

Wednesday 22nd February

Alf is not massively happy about schoolies landing at the caravan park – but Zac’s in a great mood. Leah’s back tonight and it’s their one year anniversary. Meanwhile, Zac’s stood up at their anniversary dinner by Leah – who is with her brothers and has forgotten. Disappointed he has a drink…Zac runs into Bianca, pleased to see her.

Thursday 23rd February

Zac is reeling after the near-kiss with Bianca when Leah shows up. He’s surprised, and Leah’s apologetic for missing their anniversary dinner.

The Summer Bay House and caravan park residents have been kept awake by the doof doof music from the schoolies tent. Billie’s sciatica is still troubling her, and Hunter’s grumpy about Olivia. Leah’s super excited to be  a grandma, making Billie, Ash and VJ uncomfortable – knowing the truth that VJ’s not the father.

Matt and Evie have an awkward run in. Matt hasn’t seen her for a while. She says she’s been working on a fundraiser event for the YCYC and maning the schoolies tent. She leaves quickly and Matt’s left disappointed . Marilyn and Roo are worried  he’s going to lose her if he doesn’t get his act together.

Heath and Bianca go to the beach and think about the good times they had together there. She took it for granted and if she could go back she’d appreciate those moments more.

Friday 24th February

Heath lies to protect himself. However, when put under pressure, Heath’s story threatens to unravel.

Phoebe’s worried she’s boring after cutting Justin out. She starts crashing Evelyn and Matt’s couple time, and Matt teases that she stop being selfish and do something for charity… like Evie.

Despite her ongoing back pain, heavily pregnant Billie is happier since sorting things out with VJ. Billie insists she just got a bit overwhelmed by it all but everything is good now. However when Ash sees Leah fussing over Billie, he feels even more guilty that she’s doting on a grandchild she doesn’t know isn’t hers.