Home and Away episodes 20th to 24th March

Bianca and Heath reach a decision, Marilyn receives terrible news, and the search is on for baby Luc in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 20th to Friday 24th March, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 20th March

Heath urges Bianca to think before making her decision about the baby. But Bianca’s mind is set.

Leah brings up her concerns about Hunter to Zac, but he warns her to give Hunter a break, he’s just got out of hospital. Zac is aghast when Leah brings up education with Hunter the next day. Hunter admit he’s struggling just to get through each day at the moment.

Kat is frustrated by the lack of progress on the arson investigation. She orders her fellow officers to head back out and search for leads. She asks Phoebe to supply a list of volunteers and contractors from the festival – working on the theory the arsonist attended it at some point.

Justin hates being stuck in bed – bored out of his mind. He complains to a long suffering Tori, who lightly tells him to suck it up. Justin makes Matt stay for a long visit…until Phoebe arrives, ready to take on the nursemaid role.

Tuesday 21st March

Bianca pushes Heath for answers – why did he punch Zac? She urges him to stop and talk to her, but he refuses and throws her ther termination kit he discovered.

At the hospital, Billie tries breastfeeding. Leah enters and cuddles her granddaughter. VJ and Billie discuss whether or not to tell her about Mick being the baby’s father.

Irene is approached on Flat Beach by Mick. She urges him to stay away from her and to stop calling her ‘Mum’. Frazzled, she runs away. Later, she rushes into the police station and informs Kat about what happened. She tells Kat that Mick has to be brought in for questioning.

After being examined, Mick headbutts Murray and runs into Billie’s room to confront her about Luc.

Wednesday 22nd March

Leah, Ash and Alf arrive at the hospital having heard Luc is missing. Billie is inconsolable, as Nate explains to them that Mick took her.

Irene decides to go find Mick, but Alf stops her and decides to go himself. Billie freaks when she realises it’s time for Luc’s next feed. Irene blames herself, but Leah tries to reassure her that it isn’t her fault.

Down at the beach, Alf and Ash team up to find baby Luc, ignorant to the car Mick stole only metres away.

At the hospital, Nate, John and Marilyn discuss Luc’s kidnapping, but he tells her to concentrate on her recovery.

Thursday 23rd March

John argues with Nate – there must be something else they can do to try and fix Marilyn’s hand, it can’t be dying!

Tori interrupts Justin’s lazy afternoon of throwing paper at the bin. She discusses the Phoebe situation with him, and he hesitantly tells her that things are working out.

Phoebe tells a needy Justin that she needs to go to work. She’s spills to Brody about how stressful Justin is becoming – she misses her Alpha male boyfriend. Brody heads home and gives Justin a talking to about how he’s treating Phoebe.

Olivia is shocked when she she learns that Hunter isn’t going back to school. He assures her that he’s not giving up, but his life is none of her business any more. Back at the Morgan house, Olivia confides in Mason that she is worried about her ex-boyfriend.

Friday 24th March

Tori arrives at the hospital and interrupts Riley and Nate clashing. She privately quizzes Nate about the message he left on her phone.

Justin tells Brody that he needs him to get his books from the garage as Mason and Olivia do the dishes. Mason accidentally lets slip that Riley is back in town. As Justin realises the truth, Mason and Olivia leg it, leaving Brody stuck with Justin’s questions.

John brings Alf and Irene to the hospital to try and cheer up Marilyn.