Home and Away episodes 23rd to 27th January

Kat defends Ash, Raffy takes off and Zac comes clean in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 23rd to Friday 27th January, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 23rd January

Tori wants to go to a medical conference in Bali, and noting an ex-boyfriend, Riley Hawkins will be there, wants to attend under her birth name Tessa Lee but Justin claims it’s too dangerous, as Mason backs his brother – it’s insane! Their fighting wakes a confused Raffy, who knows nothing of their secret past lives.

Ash is called into the Police Station to sign his statement to help put Simmo away, when Simmo arrives, threatening to kill Ash for ‘what he did to his girlfriend’. Kat defends Ash to McCarthy but makes Ash come clean.

Matt and Evie are fresh from a swim and their friendly banter is on high as they head to the Diner for breakfast where Roo picks up the pair’s overt flirtiness. Kat returns home to find Evie making a ‘thank you picnic basket’ for Matt, as Kat eyes Evie the way Roo did. However at the picnic, just as Matt and Evie are about to kiss, they’re interrupted by Evie’s phone – it’s Kat, she wants to inform Evie they might have the location of Andy and Josh …

Tuesday 24th January

The police raid the farm house Simmo claimed that Andy and Josh Barrett were hiding out in.

Following the Careflight organisation’s awareness of Nate’s bad shoulder and jeopardising his chances with them, he is insisting the hospital investigate such a breach of confidentiality – any doctor found exposing Nate’s problem could be fired.

Raffy is catching on to the fact the Morgans may not be who the say they are. Sick of being ignored and not getting answers and tired of all the secrets and arguments behind closed doors her new family have, she steals a wad of bills from Justin’s wallet and takes off.

Wednesday 25th January

Phoebe and Justin frantically search for a runaway Raffy. Justin is on very edge – unbeknownst to Phoebe, his issues with Ava are pushing his worry up a notch. He snaps at Phoebe, who assures him that they will find Raffy.

Matt talks to Roo about Evie, and the fact that she’s thinking about Josh again.

Ash brings a reluctant VJ into Salt for a beer. Upon discovering that it’s VJ’s bucks night, Mason is all in. Ash is full of jokes about what they’re going to do and VJ is worried …

Brody is awkwardly affectionate with Jeannie at work and encouraged by Mason, he asks her if he can make her dinner.

Thursday 26th January

Brody and Jeannie hide out as an angry and overbearing father barges in threatening him as the true extent of Jeannie’s bizarre homelife is exposed.

At the diner, Sam needs more work out of Zac’s manuscript before the publisher will accept it, and it must be done today. When a tentative Zac arrives at the hotel later that day with his latest draft, Sam is sure she’ll love it but upon return, she believes it still reads like a first draft.

Following VJ’s bucks night, Billie seems non-plussed to find he hasn’t returned, but knowing her big brother is with him reassures her, until Ash enters nervously.

As Olivia and Hunter are about to sit their final HSC exam, John lumps it on Hunter that he also has his Bronze medallion exam tomorrow. It takes Hunter by surprise as John seems equally befuddled, he was sure he had warned Hunter… Nevertheless, the pressure of exams aren’t done with Hunter yet.

Friday 27th January

A sheepish and distracted Zac returns home to Leah, who heaps him with praise for handing his book in. Later, Zac makes his feelings clear to Sam.

At the caravan park Hunter is cramming for his bronze medallion as Olivia arrives full of confidence an support in Hunter but once down at the beach, John is giving Hunter a very hard test and acting uncharacteristically tough.