Home and Away episodes 24th to 28th April

VJ struggles to look after Luc, John drops a bombshell on Marilyn, and Brody makes a shocking discovery in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 24th to Friday 28th April, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday  24th April

Alf visits John in the hospital. Still in disbelief over what he’s done, John has sunk into a depression. Meanwhile, Marilyn has seen John on the front page of the local paper. She asks Irene if everyone in town hates John. Irene tells her that people are shocked, and there’s bound to be some talk. Marilyn wants to visit Leah and VJ, to apologise but Irene tell her now is not a good time.

Kat finds Ash coming out of the surf, clearly needing to clear his head after the shock of hearing his brother doesn’t have a death certificate. Whilst Ash is certain his brother is deceased, Kat isn’t so sure and asks for the police file on his death. Both are at the farm house when the police file comes through. Ash gets a call from an unknown number, but when he answers there’s no one’s there.

Back at the Summer Bay House, VJ manages to get Luc down, but as soon as he closes his eyes she’s screaming again. He is quickly unravelling. He tries to console her with some food. He’s already changed her nappy, and burped her but she won’t stop. At his wits end he pleads with her, getting more and more frustrated. Sleep deprived and desperate VJ yells at her to give him a break just as Alf walks in, shocked by his perceived aggression.

Tuesday 25th April

Kat tries to get Ash to talk about Patrick, but he’s too angry with his brother. Kat is going to look into Patrick in an official capacity. Ash isn’t impressed when Kat informs him the DA will probably go easy on Patrick because he was suffering major depression. When Kat shows some sympathy for Patrick, Ash accuses her of being on his side.

Marilyn busies around organising John’s trip home from hospital, but John is still depressed about being kicked out of the Surf Club. He’s worried what people will think of him. John is greeted home by a rock thrown through the window with a note attached: “Burn in hell monster.”

Alf worries to Leah that VJ will yell at Luc again, it’s all too much for the kid. Leah tries to get VJ to accept help with Luc, but he’s too stubborn. Eventually he apologises to Leah, he knows she just wants to help. Irene arrives to help with Luc and VJ fusses over how she should care for the baby, worried about leaving her with someone else, out of his sight.

Wednesday 26th April

Leah’s been going above and beyond looking after Luc to give VJ a much-needed rest. Luc kept her up all night so she’s exhausted and also worried about her son. VJ arrives home from a morning surf claiming that the last few days were just a temporary glitch. He feels good now and is ready to look after Luc again. Leah has to take him at his word but once VJ’s gone she confides in Alf, her concern being that VJ is never going to be able to cope with losing Billie and being a single father.

Meanwhile, Marilyn is still reeling from John’s decision. She confides in Irene, the truth is, she doesn’t want a life without John. Irene thinks the answer is clear – don’t let him push you away. With Irene’s words in mind, a determined Marilyn heads home.

At the Morgan House, Brody is stressed. Tonight is uni night at Salt and he hopes, all going well, it will be the first of many. Salt has been struggling financially and he is banking on uni night to bring a much-needed injection of cash. Failure is not an option. Brody asks Mason to spread the word, which he does… to Lena. She already had plans to go with her friends but tells Mason she’d happily go as his date. Mason is thrilled until Lena suggests she prefers party drugs to alcohol.

Thursday 27th April

Olivia has just arrived at the uni party at Salt, to find it is in the process of being shut down by Brody. Olivia’s taken aback – what’s happened, to call an end to proceedings so early in the night? Brody, however, is furious, having discovered Lena’s brought drugs into the restaurant. He wants everyone out – before he calls the cops!

Evelyn and Phoebe, meanwhile, are celebrating their last night together as room-mates… Phoebe’s excited about moving in with Justin tomorrow, and whilst Evelyn’s happy for her friend, she can’t help feel but wistful now that she and Matt have decided against going to Vietnam… Suddenly it feels like her own life is in a holding pattern.

Brody warns Mason about Lena, and suggests that he gives the woman a wide berth from now on. Mason’s tired of Brody telling him what to do, they’re not in witness protection anymore, Brody should loosen up. Mason storms off leaving Justin and Brody stunned.

Having complained she doesn’t have any sort of a life outside work and home, Tori is cajoled by Nate into taking a motorcycle ride with him. In spite of her misgivings, Tori grudgingly admits she had a good time. Filled with affection, Nate suddenly blurts out that he loves her… Tori is left stunned.

Friday 28th April

Phoebe and Justin are making the most of living together when Tori arrives home from her motorbike outing with Nate not entirely thrilled that he’s confessed his love for her. Meanwhile Nate struggles to compose a text to Tori, shaking his head at what he’s done.

Olivia meets with some new uni friends for what she thinks is a study group, but the girls, Jess and another, are more looking forward to the social side of uni. Olivia catches on and agrees. When Jess admires Hunter’s looks, Olivia quickly claims him as her boyfriend.

Evie and Matt search everywhere for Ellie, worried she doesn’t trust them.