Home and Away episodes 26th to 30th June

The truth about Brody devastates the Morgans, Hunter gets the DNA test results, and is Roo in danger in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 26th June to Friday 30th June, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 26th June

Roo finishes a tense phone call with James and downloads to Leah about being legally served by James’s parents. James claims he had nothing to do with it but Roo isn’t sure she believes him. Turns out James’s father is a mining mogul. The contract would lock Roo’s baby out of any claim to the family fortune, and they can’t contact James, ever. Roo and Leah are shocked by the callousness.

At the Police Station, Kat is pressured to find the Yabbie Creek Pawn Shop vandal by McCarthy.

Phoebe realises the extent of Justin’s pain over leaving Ava when Raffy makes it obvious that there’s a surprise party that night and Justin’s incredibly reluctant to go. Phoebe goes to Salt to call the party off, much to Mason, Brody and Tori’s disappointment.

Ash makes an effort with Leah as he picks Luc up. Despite still being angry Leah takes the high road and offers to babysit again. Watching this exchange, Roo realises that she is the only one who wants her child. Alf arrives home from his trip and overhears – what flamin’ baby?

Tuesday 27th June

Phoebe is distraught about Justin’s decision to break up with her and leaves the Morgan House in tears.

Alf questions Roo about the pregnancy, but Roo avoids the conversation.

At the Police Station, Kat reports that Scarlett’s house in South Australia has been found empty. She puts Stevenson onto the hire car’s GPS tracking system.

Phoebe confides in Kat and Ash, she doesn’t understand Justin, they’re engaged! Kat suggests long distance but Ash agrees with Justin, long distance isn’t guaranteed to work.

Scarlett tells Kat she thinks the crazy guy that carjacked her was on drugs. Kat still wants to search the car and house, and Scarlett needs to give a formal statement at the Station. Scarlett agrees to do so, but it’s clear she’d rather not.

After speaking with Tori, Justin confronts Brody about taking ice and throws him out of the house.

Wednesday 28th June

Tori reveals to Mason that Brody has been taking ice, and has just been arrested. Mason, disbelieving, asks about the drug test they performed, but Tori explains she initially only tested for cocaine and when she tested it again it came up positive for methamphetamines.

Hunter wonders how long it will take for everything to go back to normal after the DNA test reveal. Olivia assures him it will; especially now he knows Zac is his dad. But Hunter’s resolve is tested the next morning when John checks the mail and sees the letter to Hunter from the pathology lab. Hunter retrieves the letter and opens it to find out the results.

The Morgans ask Scarlett who she is and how she knows Brody. Justin accuses her of being one of his ‘druggy friends’ and Scarlett bristles at the suggestion, quickly identifying Justin as the brother who threw him out. She tells them she knows where Brody is.

Thursday 29th June

Alf relays his conversation with Morag to Roo, who doesn’t think the contract is legally binding much to Roo’s relief. Roo asks Leah how things are going with Zac and Leah admits he’s rung a couple of times. Their conversation is interrupted by Zac ringing, which Leah ignores again. Zac finishes up his message to Leah, frustrated as she’s been avoiding his calls. Hunter can see that his dad is under pressure and worries it’s about the DNA test.

When John finds the DNA envelope Olivia becomes suspicious thinking he’d thrown it out. Hunter tries to cover, but eventually admits he opened the letter.

Leah is venting to Irene about her life, upset at the way everything has turned out. Irene offers a supportive ear, ensuring her that they’ll both get through this fine. Leah realizes how much she’s missed having her friend.

Friday 30th June

Roo thinks Alf should see a Doctor. Alf tries to distract her concern by asking about James.

Meanwhile, Irene is subdued after Leah’s declaration. Irene’s not ready to give up on their partnership and friendship. Their conversation is interrupted by John whose spirits have been buoyed by Marilyn’s appearance yesterday.

John reveals to VJ that he has decided to raise money for the Surf Club, and ropes him into helping. However John’s efforts seem more to do with impressing Marilyn than actually helping the community.

Alf and Roo are visited by James’s father, David Mayvers, who wishes to speak with Roo. He wants her to sign an agreement that will give two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to Roo’s child if she agrees to never seek contact with their family.

Leah tells Irene she’s spoken with a lawyer about selling her share of the Diner. Marilyn overhears and is shocked. Irene is still resistant to the idea, but Leah is adamant, she will sell.

Roo is driving to Yabbie Creek but is hit with severe abdominal pains. She pulls over and gets out of the car but is overwhelmed with pain. Unable to reach her phone to call for help Roo looks over to the road but there’s no one around.