Home and Away episodes 27th Feb to 3rd March

Kat questions Ash, Phoebe gets a shock, and Heath and Bianca make plans in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 27th February

Worried that Ash and Phoebe have been talking about her attack, Billie confronts Ash. He promises her, he didn’t tell Phoebe and that she already knew. Ash suspects that Billie might know who raped her, and that’s why she doesn’t want them talking.

An escorted vehicle takes Justin and Kat to the court house. Justin is tense because he knows his family’s freedom rides on his testimony. Sensing his anxiety, his lawyer warns him not to let the defence throw him and get under his skin, because they will attempt to discredit him and everything he says.

Back in Summer Bay, Heath and Bianca inform an excited Irene about their plan to stay.

Heath heads out for a surf and is met by an old gaol mate Mossy. Mossy invites him to go surfing up the coast. Heath is initially hesitant, needing to find a job, but after some gentle ribbing from Mossy, he decides to blow off his responsibilities and go surfing with him.

Meanwhile Billie is mad at VJ for speaking with her brother. All of her secrets are unravelling and she fears that they’ll soon be revealed.

Back at the court house Justin is nervously awaiting the verdict. Kat is confident they’ll get a guilty verdict, but too much is at stake for Justin to be cavalier about it.

Tuesday 28th February

Justin confesses to Kat that he can’t help but think of Ranae’s final threat at the court house.

Raffy is finding it difficult to write her father’s eulogy, despite Mason and Brody’s support. Brody’s not sure they’ll even be able to attend.

Kat suggests it can’t have been easy for Phoebe to have kept the Morgans’ secret for so long and with no one else to talk to. But when she pushes Phoebe to join the family’s celebrations Phoebe is reluctant, reasoning that she had taken a step back from Justin and his baggage.

Tori reassures Raffy that she is a part of their family, witness protection or not, and that they want her to stay with them.

At the Diner, Marilyn tries to calm Nate’s concerns about Tori’s secrets, telling him she’ll open up when she’s ready. As he leaves, he receives a text from Tori asking to talk properly later.

Justin arrives at Ava’s house, but her mother Nina is furious about his sudden disappearance – she thought he was dead!

Wednesday 1st March

The Morgans’ secret is out. Their story is splashed all over the front page of the Coastal News. It’s not the way they’d pictured the town discovering their past. Especially Tori, who was on her way to tell Nate the truth when he arrives at her house with a copy of the newspaper.

Justin arrives at the Diner, still shaken by seeing Ava. When John shows him the Coastal News, Justin grimly heads straight back out, completely blanking Matt who also has questions about the article.

Manning the garage all on his own, Matt is busy fending off phone calls from journalists asking about Justin and bleating from John about his car being fixed on time.

An exasperated Tori tells Justin that he can’t avoid Phoebe forever and to sort it out, but Justin is struggling with seeing Ava, although he hasn’t told anyone yet.

At Salt, Phoebe is shocked to discover Salt has been trashed when she arrives for work. She encourages Brody and Justin to go to the police but a disheartened Brody thinks it will only bring them more trouble, the Summer Bay community obviously doesn’t want them around.

Thursday 2nd March

Evelyn’s horrified as Matt continues dousing the garage fire with an extinguisher. She begs him to get back.

Heath and Bianca are in a better place now, but Heath has come to the realisation – suggesting they try therapy. He’s made an appointment for tomorrow. Bianca is charmed; he still manages to surprise her.

There’s tension between Olivia and Hunter as she offers him his formal ticket, but he refuses to take it. He’s not going – so why doesn’t Olivia take Mason, instead?

A teary Evelyn breaks down to Zac, yesterday felt like her worst nightmare about to come true.

Heath nervously paces, waiting for Bianca to show up for their therapy session, but she’s delayed by Zac, with a job offer – covering a teacher on maternity leave.

Evelyn admits she’s scared of how much she loves Matt. She can’t lose him as well.

Mason finds Olivia on the beach, but before they can talk, Hunter arrives to check on her. It’s a loaded and tense moment between the three.

Friday 3rd March

Olivia comes to support Mason on his first official day as a lifeguard. She tries to address the elephant in the room – her lingering feelings for Hunter, but Mason is having none of it.

Bianca notes that Heath is still holding a grudge, but he won’t admit it. Darcy watches her parents’ cold war with unease. When it’s time to go to school she lashes out, telling them both to get stuffed.

Kat questions Ash about the garage fire the other day.

At the Diner, Ash checks in on Billie, wondering if she’s feeling guilty about the money. Billie tries to brush it off, but when Irene checks in on her, Billie hurries off to be alone. She’s clearly feeling more guilt than she can admit to anyone.

Mason bumps into Hunter on his way to the beach, the tension is palpable. Mason can’t help but take the opportunity to have a dig at Hunter for still carrying a torch for Olivia.

Ash tries to convince Billie to go to the police, he’s certain she would sleep better at night knowing that her attacker was locked up.