Home and Away episodes 30th January to 3rd February

Raffy demands answers, Billie and VJ have a heart to heart, and Bianca is back in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 30th January to Friday 3rd February, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 30th January

John is on the war path following his encounter with Hunter. But as Leah, John and Zac approach Hunter’s caravan to have words with him, they find a fire burning outside Hunter’s van.

VJ and Billie have sent out their wedding invites and it’s all feeling very real, not only for the couple but their friends and family too, with Leah in tears. With the impending nuptials looming, Marilyn is determined to throw Billie a bridal shower, despite Kat purporting she doesn’t want one.

Leah has a mother-son talk with VJ, thankful that he’s found his true love in Billie. Billie secretly overhears this and instead of finding comfort, finds sadness. Is she having second thoughts?

Tuesday 31st January

As Marilyn is doing Billie’s hair and makeup, Leah enters rushing them along, and getting a chance to have a heart to heart with Billie, proud to be her mother-in-law and proud of Billie and VJ and of their baby. As she says it, a sense of guilt washes over Billie, still keeping her secret deep down.

Matt and Evie are missing each others cues and hints but none of it is getting passed Roo, while VJ asks a newly broken up Kat and Ash to recite a poem together making for an awkward moment between the exes. Worse still though, is Olivia, who isn’t feeling the wedding mood, and concerned she blew it with Hunter, and that she still loves him.

Wednesday 1st February

VJ confronts Billie and i shocked by the answers to his questions.

From the city, Justin, with Phoebe, calls Tori who still hasn’t heard from Raffy. Tori’s concerned that Justin has left Summer Bay and witness protection, but Justin assures her he had to leave. Meanwhile, Phoebe has gotten word to Hope in the prison who offers all the contacts she can for where Hope may have gone.

Mason lets Tori know that Nate has arrived back early and she tries to act unphased by it. But the pair reconnect a the Diner before catching up over a glass of wine, where Tori glimpses Nate’s divorce papers. It still hurts Nate but it’s for the best, as Tori agrees regarding her breakup with Duncan, and they cheers to the benefit hindsight before acknowledging they’re both officially single for the first time since meeting. As they lean in to kiss, they’re interrupted by someone at the door.

Thursday 2nd February

Tori investigates whether Nate and Bianca were ever once a couple, but Nate reassures her they were just friends. In the background however, Alf keenly watches Tori and Nate’s interactions, having just returned from visiting Duncan in Hawaii.

At the Beach House, Bianca’s eyes well up at a picture of her and Heath as Nate catches the tears but Bianca makes a joke about missing her kids already.

In their shared hotel room, Phoebe is still looking for intimacy from Justin but ends up confused.

Friday 3rd February

When Justin finds Raffy, she’s full of questions; Why are they so secretive? Why don’t they have online profiles? Why are there no family photos of themselves around the house? Before adding she knows nothing about her mum.

Matt and Evie find Ellie down in the dumps at the Diner, sweating over her studies and the pair buy her a mud cake to cheer her up, but Matt can’t stay as he has a date with Zoe, the girl he met on VJ’s bucks. It clearly catches Evie off guard as he leaves, standing up his best friend and sister.

As Bianca and Irene prepare dinner, to the surprise of Irene and chagrin of Bianca, Heath enters. After a warm welcome Irene gives the struggling couple their space. Heath tells Bianca he’s not giving up on them. She tells him to go but he assures her he’s not leaving town unless she’s with him.