Home and Away episodes 3rd to 7th April

Billie gets shocking news, Leah is angry with Zac and Tori warms to Riley in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 3rd to Friday 7th April, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 3rd April

Everyone is reeling as Billie is stretchered into an ambulance. VJ and Ash plan to go with her but there’s only room for one, so Ash concedes to VJ. Leah wants to go to the hospital to support VJ, but doesn’t feel comfortable taking Luc.

Matt continues to worry about Billie as he and Alf clean up after the Baby Blessing. Alf reassures Matt – Billie will be fine, she’s young, strong. But when Alf heads off to soothe a crying Luc, it’s clear he’s just as worried as Matt.

At the hospital, Tori expresses trepidation about working with Nate for the first time since their blow up last week. Riley claims Nate is the one with the problem, he’s mad for letting her go. Tori appreciates this but there’s no time to dwell as Billie is rushed in.

At home, Zac tries again to get Leah to hear him out. He explains that Sam made a pass, he rejected her and asked her to leave town. He didn’t mention it because it didn’t seem relevant. But Leah points out that he still lied to her.

Tuesday 4th April

Billie reels upon learning the news about her future.

Phoebe and Kat learn of Billie’s diagnosis and rush to the hospital. Kat isn’t sure how her presence will go down with Ash but their issues are irrelevant under the circumstances.

Before Luc goes home with Leah for the night, Billie gets a moment alone with her daughter.

Wednesday 5th April

Everyone is frantic trying to find Billie. Ash is especially desperate to find his sister. VJ arrives. Ash and Leah question Billie’s whereabouts but his silence speaks volumes.

Zac tries to help Leah but is rejected again. Frustrated by the coldness of his wife Zac goes for a run and bumps into Sam again.

A drunk and vulnerable Ash kisses Kat, but she stops him.

Thursday 6th April

When Marilyn hears that the Diner isn’t open she moves to help out, but both John and Olivia think it’s too soon. Marilyn concedes but Olivia realises she can help instead. She enlists the help of Matt and Evie, and Scott quickly offers a hand as all four open the Diner.

An old piece of mail is discovered that may throw a spanner in the works as Evelyn reads a letter accepting her for a one year teaching scholarship in Vietnam. She hides the letter.

Olivia, meanwhile, has Hunter helping her out in kitchen. After a batch of burned muffins, the pair find themselves bonding again. Evelyn has a quiet word with Hunter, she suspects that maybe Hunter is struggling to be around Olivia, knowing that he still cares about her.

Friday 7th April

Hunter reflects on his moment with Olivia, calm despite the inner turmoil she always seems to stir up in him.

Justin leaves umpteenth messages for Nina, who is not returning his calls. Phoebe encourages him to hang in there.

Riley presses Tori to finally go on their date. She tentatively agrees, though admits to Mason she is losing her nerve. He encourages her to go for it. She makes it clear Justin cannot know.

A figure steps into the Surf Club Shed, grabbing a can of Pro Oil. The figure turns around to reveal John. Is the arsonist about to strike again?