Home and Away episodes 3rd to 7th July

Roo is in danger, Kat follows Lena, and John gets a surprise visitor in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th July, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 3rd July

Justin is still angry about Brody and the drugs. He fills Ash in on Brody’s situation and Ash is somewhat compassionate. Justin runs into Lena and loses his temper with her, blaming her for Brody’s drug problem.

Leah hasn’t read Irene’s letter yet, she can’t face it yet. She still wants to sell the Diner. VJ urges her to take time to think about it.

Kat questions Lena, but Lena denies the allegations against her. Lena leaves, but Kat is confident she’s rattled the girl and advises McCarthy that they should keep a track of her.

Alf’s cough is getting worse, he’s waiting for Roo to get back from the chemist. Meanwhile Roo is in terrible pain on the side of the road. She tries to call 000 but her phone slips down the side of the seat. On the side of the road, Roo’s phone rings, it’s Alf. Alf is worried that she’s not back yet and not picking up. Roo manages to honk her horn as Nate and Tori pass by on his motorbike. She passes out after they realise she is pregnant, and that it’s probably an ectopic pregnancy.

Tuesday 4th July

Tori administers CPR to Roo in the hospital hallway and Nate helps. Alf deteriorates and Nate orders him into a room, fearing a heart attack. Alf is connected to machines, still worked up about Roo, but he hasn’t had a heart attack. Tori informs him Roo is holding on by a thread.

While Kat is following Lena, she receives a text from Ash but is too busy to respond. She takes a photo of Lena talking to a guy in a black BMW, noting the plates. As Kat follows Lena’s car out of the carpark, the guy in the BMW tells his superior over the phone that the cops are on to Lena. He reckons it’s Brody’s fault. Could Brody be in danger?

At Scarlett’s, Brody is a mess. He considers calling Zannis for drugs but Scarlett interrupts. Brody is denying he’s in withdrawl, claiming he’s just sick. Brody declines an offer from Scarlett to speak on the phone with Tori and hallucinates someone calling his name.

Tori compliments Nate’s medical skills, but he’s not in the mood to celebrate. She thinks it’s a waste for him not to be practising medicine, but he avoids speaking about it. He goes home alone.

Wednesday 5th July

The gang can’t find Brody at the beach. Scarlett tells them he was hallucinating their dead mother and Justin lets rip on her for letting him run away. Scarlett responds with an equal amount of anger, Justin’s the one who kicked Brody out of home! She wishes them luck finding Brody before storming off.

Nate is at the diner organising his family fun day for the burns unit, Marilyn thinks it’s great. John arrives and Marilyn suggests he get involved in Nate’s fundraiser. She heads off to visit Roo in hospital. Marilyn finds John at the Surf Club with Nate. Marilyn thinks he’s avoiding her, but Nate suggests she speak to John herself.

At the hospital, Alf is consoling Roo. She tells him to go home, but when Marilyn arrives Roo falls apart.

Thursday 6th July

Tori arrives home to an upset Raffy – it’s all Justin’s fault that Brody and Mason don’t want to stick around. Tori finds Mason putting up ads to rent a room. He doesn’t like that Justin keeps ruining everything, he can’t live with him any more.

Marilyn arrives at the Surf Club but John denies he’s involved in the Family Fun Day – which he’s organising behind her back.

Zac collects his mail from Leah, there’s a letter from Evie, but Leah is quick to usher him out. Zac runs into Olivia and Hunter and catches them up on Evelyn’s news, they should consider visiting Vietnam!

Friday 7th July

John is thrilled to see Jett, his timing could not be better. Jett admits Alf called and told him everything going on with John and Marilyn. John’s teary that his son has showed up to help him. Jett wants to know what John has done to annoy Maz this time?

Hunter talks to Olivia about moving to Robertson. Olivia is not keen at all, but Hunter tries really hard to sell it. Olivia thinks he’s crazy. Zac needs him, but Olivia blurts out he’s not even his dad!

Ash asks VJ for a surf, but VJ thinks it’s weird he’s asking after everything that’s happened. Alf tells Ash coming around and rubbing VJ’s nose in everything is not the way to go about it, give him space. VJ runs into Jett at the Surf Club. Jett makes some jokes about VJ being a dad now and VJ tells him about losing custody. VJ admits not having to worry about sleeping, feeding and nappies hasn’t been so bad. Jett asks if he actually wants Luc back.