Home and Away episodes 6th to 10th February

Bianca questions her future with Heath, Raffy runs away and VJ reaches a decision in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 6th to Friday 10th February, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 6th February

A horrified Bianca can’t believe Heath didn’t tell her that he killed Gunno. He tries to defend himself, and wants to know how to fix things between them. He’s willing to try anything, but Bianca’s struggling. When Heath asks whether she loves him, she simply tells him to leave.

At the Morgan House, Raffy looks at a photo of her real mother, still angry at all the lies she’s been told. She cross examines Mason, who tries not to give away anymore than Raffy already knows, saying that they just changed their surname. At Salt, Mason tells a worked up Justin, who suggests that they tell Raffy they’re in witness protection but Mason thinks she’ll tell the world.

Alf brings Tori a letter from Duncan, apologising for not giving it to her sooner – she seemed to be in a good place and he didn’t want to upset her. Alone at the Diner, Tori opens the envelope. Inside, there’s a plane ticket to Hawaii and a note: ‘In case you ever change your mind. Love Duncan x’.

At the Hospital, Tori’s working when Nate approaches. They try to make plans for dinner, then Tori answers a call from Justin who’s in a panic – Raffy’s gone.

Tuesday 7th February

Justin is frantically on the phone to Matt in the hope that Ellie has heard from runaway Raffy. He finds a concerned Phoebe waiting for him. She’s supportive, offering to help search. At the hospital Nate asks when Tori’s clocking off, but she hurries away, saying that Raffy’s missing again. Meanwhile, Raffy makes Kat promise not to tell anyone what she’s going to tell her.

Bianca is certain that her marriage is over, getting worked up when a no nonsense Irene challenges her to work harder. Irene goes and finds Heath, taking his keys and telling him that he can’t leave the Bay: he needs to fight for Bianca.

Tori expresses doubt over Raffy knowing everything and the risk that creates, but Justin is sure Raffy wont talk.

Nate tries to compose a text message to Tori, but quickly becomes frustrated, deciding instead to grab his keys and head for the door, only to find Tori on the other side. Tori bumbles awkwardly through an explanation as to why she’s there. She wants to discuss what happened in the lift and how Nate feels about it.

Wednesday 8th February

Phoebe is convinced things are over with Justin. The girls take her out for lunch to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Justin has been in a weird mood at work. Ash and Matt call him on it.

Kat receives a phone call from a colleague, which throws her. She pulls Evie aside, reveals the news …

Zac learns Billie has another ultrasound and insists upon taking her. It is all routine but she grows defensive when Zac is keen to let VJ and Leah know the good news.

Billie is taken aback when VJ returns home early, admitting he has come to a decision. She fears the worst.

Thursday 9th February

Matt takes Evie home and is trying to comfort her but all she wants is to see Josh. Trying to cover his hurt, Matt asks if that’s really the best idea, but Evie is adamant. Hearing her resolve Matt agrees to help her.

Ash is working in the garage when VJ comes to visit. He wants to discuss the other night, and reaffirm his intentions. Ash finds it hard to trust him, but VJ states that he doesn’t need his trust.

Alf and John are doing inventory for the Surf Club, but John’s having difficulty with his memory. As Alf continues to count it becomes clear that John is not feeling well.

Friday 10th February

Olivia confronts Hunter about him ignoring her. Disillusioned by recent events Hunter sees no point in getting back to anyone, as they’re all just waiting for him to stuff up.

Heath runs into Bianca at the Diner and asks if she’ll have a coffee with him. But Bianca’s not interested and Heath heads out, determined not to give up. Meanwhile, Bianca’s at Irene’s eyeing divorce application papers, clearly time and space is not fixing their relationship.

Brody’s surprised when Jeannie arrives for her shift at Salt, knowing that her father disapproves of their relationship.

At Salt, Jeannie tells Brody she got the feeling that Tori didn’t like her. Brody ensures her she just takes a while to warm up to people. Brody suggests they go back to his after work and share a bottle of wine. Jeannie, very amenable to his offer leans in to kiss him, only to be confronted by her father who’s just walked in the door.

Meanwhile, Heath’s mad at Cheryl for interfering. He doesn’t see how her input will help in the slightest.