Home and Away episodes 6th to 10th March

Billie’s world is rocked, the festival fun begins, and the arsonist prepares to strike again in this week’s Home and Away

Home and Away, Monday 6th to Friday 10th March, Channel 5, 2.15pm/6pm

Monday 6th March

When Ash is hauled in for questioning, he’s rather defensive about whether he was involved in the fire at the Garage. McCarthy continues to push Ash, under the assumption that he’s the one who set the fire to gain the insurance money. He then tells him that he’s not letting Ash go until he gets answers.

Justin and Tori prepare to take Raffy to Decker’s funeral. Tori receives a conference offer in Hobart and Justin assures her that she can go if she wants. He reminds her that she can do what she wants now that there aren’t people after them, but Tori worries about Raffy. As the three siblings leave for the funeral, they are watched by a mystery man.

At the Morgan house, Buddy barks as a mysterious stranger walks through their house and out the back door.

Brody and Tori walk past the Surf Club and the mysterious man watching them makes a phone call, assuring the person on the other line that he is watching the siblings, and to tell him when to make a move.

Tuesday 7th March

Nina questions Justin about how he coped with everything that the syndicate did – especially bringing down a plane! He shrugs it off, but she demands that he needs to be 100% sure that Ava is safe.

Alf walks in on Leah trying to help Billie overcome her heartburn. After he leaves, Leah assures Billie that when her baby is born, all the pain and agony she’s going through won’t matter. Billie just wants the baby to come out already.

Irene tells Nate that he should forgive Tori, but he’s clearly not keen. Kat informs them that it was Decker’s funeral today and that Brody’s van was set alight – it’s been a rough day for Tori and the Morgans.

Irene and Leah discuss why Billie’s being so moody.  Irene doesn’t know why Billie has an issue with her.

Tori tells Justin that she’s going to a conference in Hobart, leaving now… unaware that she’s been overheard by the mystery man. As she heads to the airport, she is followed. Nate meanwhile is trying to ring her. The Mystery Man pulls his car out in front of her …

Wednesday 8th March

Nate continues to try and get ahold of Tori, leaving a message saying that he knows the truth and doesn’t want them to be over, and if she feels the same, to give him a call.

Kat pulls up in her patrol car at the sight of Mystery man’s car – in the middle of the road.

At the Beach House, Irene worries about the fact that Mick is out of the mental institution. Nate arrives and he and Leah try to reassure Irene. She resolves not to let her son scare her.

VJ tries to reassure Billie about the baby, saying that it won’t be too much longer. Later that day, VJ tells Billie that he has been looking up ways to kickstart labour, but she assures him that it’ll happen when the time is right.

At the Farmhouse, Matt watches on as Evelyn quizzes Phoebe as to why she hasn’t finished organising the stagehands. Phoebe tells her that she’s been busy writing her song, which she promptly goes to her room to finish.

Thursday 9th March

At Salt, Olivia picks up her pizza as Mason is leaving. They exchange a flirtatious greeting. Brody playfully teases his brother about it.

Back at the Summer Bay House, Alf bears witness to VJ’s interrogation of Billie over whether or not Mick is the baby’s father. Billie is adamant that she doesn’t know one way or the other.

At the Farm, Evelyn is delighted when she realises that all the details for the festival are finalised, but she refuses to  relax. Kat turns up and questions the both of them about the fire at the Caravan Park.

Phoebe and Justin celebrate as the electricity for the festival is turned on and the whole place lights up. After some initial hesitation, Justin tells Phoebe that he loves her and that he’s not going to let her down again.

Justin is discussing seeing Ava again with his brothers, when he gets an odd text from Tori – a picture of her shoes. Although Brody suggests she must’ve had a big night, Justin is suspicious…

At the Beach House, Irene grows anxious when she hears noises and realises the power isn’t on. She checks that the doors are locked …

Friday 10th March

Billie reveals the full extent of her deceptions.

Phoebe questions Brody about where Justin has headed. A stressed out Evelyn interrupts however, and asks her where she has been.

Elsewhere, John approaches Marilyn’s  Summer Grooves Tarot card reading stall. John and Alf are worried that  Marilyn’s stall will be a disaster.

Olivia is approached by both Hunter and Mason and realises she’s in a pickle.

Mick stands outside the Beach House, his presence unknown to Irene.

Kat learns from the fire investigators that the same accelerant has been used in all the fires and she comes to the realisation that there’s a serial arsonist in Summer Bay. As the majority of the town celebrates the end of the year at Summer Grooves the serial arsonist lights another fire in the nearby  National Park …