Memorable Moments from The Sullivans

Some of the couples, tearjerkers and storylines that fans of The Sullivans remember with particular fondness.

SPOILER ALERT – may contain spoilers if you are watching the Crawfords DVDs!

Top Ten couples on The Sullivans
Dave Sullivan and Grace Sullivan
Maggie Baker and Norm Baker
Jim Sullivan and Alice Sullivan
Harry Sullivan and Lou Sullivan
Kitty McGovern and Robbie McGovern
Tom Sullivan and Patty Sullivan
Terry Sullivan and Caroline Sullivan
Ida Pike and Arthur Pike
John Sullivan and Anna Sullivan
Harry Sullivan and Rose Sullivan

Top Ten Storylines on The Sullivans
Grace’s death in London
Tom decides to go to war, despite Grace’s objections
Norm and Tom travel through Holland looking for Nazi Krull
Norm, Tom and Bert battle Germans in Crete
Tom, Terry and Norm are prisoners in Changi
Harry is sent to prison
John searches Palestine for his new wife
The family adopt young Geoff
Kate’s love affair with Christopher Merchant
Tom and Patty’s marriage falls apart

Top Ten Tearjerkers on The Sullivans
Grace’s death in London
Grace’s funeral and John’s return
Grace waves Tom off to war
Dave takes Terry to Grace’s grave
Alice sails for New Zealand to be with Jim
Kate leaves Camberwell with Christopher Merchant
Norm’s wife Melina is killed by a firing squad
John tells the family he must return to Palestine and look for his wife
Kitty’s husband Robbie takes his own life
Meg Fulton is caught by the Nazis in Holland

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