Neighbours episodes 10th to 14th April

Paige is rushed to hospital, Sonya slips up, and David takes a huge step in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 10th to Friday 14th April, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 10th April

Sonya demands that Toadie stay out of her life but he is desperate to be there and protect her. He can’t keep away from Sonya or the house but will Toadie go too far?

Mark confesses his confusion to Tyler regarding his feelings for Sonya. Tyler urges him not to act on them, but will Mark be able to ignore his feelings?

Paige begins acting strangely and is rushed to the hospital by Piper. Paige is given the all clear but what about her baby?

Tuesday 11th April

Sonya has made a huge mistake and isn’t coping well at all. When she sees some bottles of wine left over from the wake, she’s tempted…will Sonya give in?

After an incident at the Backpackers, Terese loses her trust in Piper and lays down the law. The other adults follow suit. What’s in store for the teens of Ramsay St?

Susan and Elly are both pleasantly surprised by Finn’s behaviour at school– but when Susan reveals that she won’t be taking the issue with Piper and the Backpackers further, Finn takes note… what’s he up to?

Wednesday 12th April

Sonya wakes up feeling terrible, when realisation hits. What did she do last night?

Piper is at the hospital, escorting Paige from a check-up, when she spies a familiar face. Brooke Butler!

Paige decides that she owes Piper a great debt and makes her an offer that she is sure Piper won’t refuse…

Thursday 13th April

Amy and Leo hit a bump in their relationship but can they work things out?

Brooke’s determined to make amends with the neighbours she scammed but will anyone on Ramsay St be able to forgive her?

Terese is unsettled that Brooke’s back and living with the Cannings and turns to the one person she thought she never would, for a shoulder to cry on…

Friday 14th April

David enjoys getting to know his new dad who inspires him to take a big step forward with his life. What will David do?

Amy distracts herself from her relationship woes with Leo by helping Jack out at the church, but will things go according to plan?

Elly gives Leo a solid piece of relationship advice that will change everything for him …