Neighbours episodes 10th to 14th July

A mystery helper arrives, Sonya can’t believe what Toadie is doing, and Gary stuns Terese in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 10th to Friday 14th July, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 10th July

Sonya is dismayed when she arrives at the nursery with Toadie to find a storm has tipped over bins and strewn rubbish everywhere. She insists on looking after it herself, not wanting Toadie to continue in the role of helpmate now they are separated, but when she comes back from a meeting she finds someone has cleaned up for her. She checks with Toadie, who denies being her secret helper.

Terese is anxious about her day of oncology appointments at the hospital, but she continues to cover with Gary. When Paul comes looking for a coffee with Terese, her indiscreet assistant blabs that she’s off talking to acquisitions consultants and Paul assumes she’s looking at a new investment. Meanwhile, Terese deals with her medical appointments alone and returns to work emotional – just as Paul comes sniffing around.

Leo’s pleased when he learns Mannix has already been removed from the Backpackers. Paul assures him he doesn’t need to know the details, and Leo passes that reassurance onto David. David is furious that Leo has not asked Paul details re: Mannix’s continuing medical care, and needing to vent, he confesses all to Amy.

Mishti is freaking out after buying The Shed when she realises Aaron is no longer interested in starting a business with her. Shane and Dipi try and convince her to tell Aaron what she’s done, but Mishti refuses, not wanting to guilt Aaron into being her partner.

Tuesday 11th July

Having blurted out the dark secret she’s been desperately trying to hold in, Terese now faces a very worried Paul, who is keen to know more of the details of her situation and the plan to treat her cancer. Shocked to discover she has no intention of informing her family about her illness, he pushes her to reconsider. Terese in turn begs him to keep this secret and Paul is torn.

After plunging into her new media assignment, Piper is outraged by the representation of women in video games. How can she just stand by and let this go when it’s so degrading to women? Piper posts a new vlog, outlining her views and relating a story from her past that involves her ex-boyfriend, Chas. But Piper’s passion is soon replaced by fear as Elly and Susan draw her attention to the comments section of the vlog.

Told off by Sonya, Toadie attempts to respect her wish for him to give her more space, but that quickly goes by the wayside as Sonya calls Toadie after hearing some strange noises outside while she’s home alone with Nell. Flying to her side, Toadie is keen to support her, but Sonya again pushes him away.

Wednesday 12th July

Sonya is shaken by Willow’s return. While she wants to trust Willow, she also fears that her mother, Andrea, may have returned as well and this could all be another scam. Although he’s wary, Toadie believes Willow’s story about leaving the U.K. without her mother’s knowledge. He also believes Willow’s sincerity when she says she wants to face the music for the part she played in her mother’s scam and make up for past wrongs.

The trolls have come out in droves to abuse Piper online and Tyler is outraged, threatening to bash every single one of them, or at the very least, pulverise Chas for instigating the attack. Although Piper appreciates his intentions, the last thing she wants is for Tyler to be charged with assault. She’ll deal with the haters by posting a written response online.

Thursday 13th Friday

With Sonya having given her blessing for Willow to stay with Toadie, he realises the Sharma-Rebecchi’s is going to be too crowded. Despite Shane and Dipi’s reassurances they can make it work, Toadie thinks seriously about moving out when he spies a leaflet about an Eclipse Apartment for rent. Knowing Sonya factored Toadie’s taste into the renovations she’s carrying out at the Rebecchi House, Amy counsels Toadie to run his plan past Sonya first but Toadie maintains she wants them to be independent of each other.

Paige remains slightly rattled by the idea of Mark and Elly spending time together, and she jumps at the chance to work out at The Shed relaunch with Elly and Mark. Mark, however, dodges it when he learns Paige will be there, something that does not go unnoticed by Tyler. Likewise, at The Shed, David clocks Paige’s odd reaction when she learns Mark won’t be there.

Yashvi wilfully vandalises Shane’s car to engineer a trip to the garage, where despite Shane’s dorky dadness, and with Ben’s help, she manages to get some face time with Evan. However a dispute about bikes escalates and she calls him an idiot and storms off.

Friday 14th July

With her first round of chemotherapy foremost on her mind, Terese is anxious and distracted. When Gary suggests they spend the weekend together, Terese tells him she’ll be busy working, keeping him at a distance. Puzzled at her demeanour, Gary seeks out Toadie’s company, only for Shane to convince him that Gary should sweep her off her feet with a romantic gesture. But they are unaware that Terese is undergoing her treatment, with Paul as a surprising support.

After discovering Mark is going on a date with Elly, Paige is kicking herself, believing she’s left her run too late to tell Mark how she feels. David urges her to talk to Elly and let her know how she feels but when Elly seeks Paige out and confesses she’d like to see if there’s a future between her and Mark, Paige has second thoughts.

Piper’s decision to engage with the trolls who are posting on her vlog has her in a constant state of distraction. Whilst Tyler is supportive of her stance, he’s privately worried his encouragement is only making the situation worse. When Mishti suggests the best course of action is to shut the trolls down, Piper does just that, and convinces the administrators of her channel to silence them.