Neighbours episodes 12th to 16th June

Susan’s health takes a turn, Jack takes a leap of faith, and Paul secretly pines for Terese in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 12th to Friday 16th June, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 12th June

Piper challenges Finn on the new changes he’s made at the school. She looks for support in Xanthe but is shocked when Xanthe takes Finn’s side. Has Piper lost her best friend to Finn?

Susan meets with her superior to discuss her return to work despite recent health concerns, but as she’s making her case, she has a dizzy spell. What will this mean for Susan and Erinsborough High’s future?

The dust is settling at the Rebecchi house thanks to a saviour Toadie called for help. Toadie’s saviour gives him hope and calls Toadie to action. Will he answer?

Tuesday 13th June

A Ramsay St resident is rushed to hospital after ingesting a mysterious substance. It’s all hands on deck but amongst the chaos and tragedy a shocking discovery is made…

Unable to get through to Finn, Piper leads a student petition and strike against the new changes Finn has brought to the school. A furious Finn cracks back at the teens but who will emerge victorious?

Elly is fired up and determined to prove, once and for all, that Finn is a manipulative puppet master but with such a powerful enemy, who will believe Elly?

Wednesday 14th June

Piper is thrown when a furious Finn threatens to suspend her if she doesn’t stop the student protest. It’s basically blackmail, but Piper relents. Ben is baffled. What’s the reason for Piper’s sudden change of heart?

Elly is frustrated that everyone around her is unwilling to go after Finn. She knows what kind of person he is, and if no-one is going to put him in his place then she will…

Finn works hard to contain the fallout from the student protest. But the net tightens when a journalist from the West Waratah Star starts poking around…

Thursday 15th June

Elly is increasingly concerned about Finn’s hold over Xanthe – and when Finn’s actions catch up with him, Xanthe keeps quiet. Too quiet. Can Xanthe be reasoned with or has Finn won?

Jack is gearing up to make a big decision that will change his life forever. When he thinks about his son, he knows it’ll be worth it but it’s not easy. Will Jack be able to go through with his decision?

Mishti asks Aaron to help Shane market his mower and with all their heads together, they’re sure to come up with something brilliant, but could their enthusiasm lead them into trouble?

Friday 16th June

Shane thinks his mower is a failure, that he’s a failure and that he’s wasted enough of his family’s time and money; he’s going to give up on his dream. Dipi is heartbroken; can she reinvigorate her husband’s spirit?

Jack reports to Amy that he is suddenly feeling very lost with the new direction he’s taken with his life. He needs a little support whilst he figures everything out and Amy is there to do all she can, but will it be enough?

Paul is uncomfortable by how intimate Terese and Gary are with each other, but knowing that he can’t avoid them forever he comes up with a plan to drive the two apart…