Neighbours episodes 13th to 17th February

Dee has a plan, Steph needs to make a choice, and Ned reaches a decision in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 13th – Friday 17th February, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 13th February

Toadie’s curiosity is piqued when Dee alludes to having secret plans on Valentine’s Day – and he is surprised to follow her to the Werribee Mansion where he and Dee were married. Dee admits that she was hoping by coming here it might start to fill in the gaps in her memory… but will the walk down memory lane result in the reigniting of something else?

Overwhelmed at the thought of meeting Mark for a romantic lunch, Steph distracts herself by inviting Victoria over, all relaxed in her company until Victoria finally challenges Steph – asking why she’s really been called. Will Steph give into temptation?

Elly’s annoyed with Ned for baiting Mark the previous night, but Tyler encourages her to give him a chance, especially since Ned’s asked her out for Valentine’s Day. But Elly is about to be thrown for six by Ned’s unexpected news…

Tuesday 14th February

In the wake of her encounter with Victoria, Steph realises what must be done with Mark. The more important question is, does she (and can she) keep her secret tryst from both Mark and Ellen?

Having connected with Dee, Toadie feels a strong pull to try and help this new person in his life achieve her dreams. There’s just one problem – it doesn’t come cheap, and Sonya has reservations…

Wednesday 15th February

Sonya is thrown when she is thanked for her and Toadie’s generous offer to Dee – she had no idea. Confronting Toadie about offering the money without her consent, Toadie also lashes out: he has his own issues around the major decision Sonya has made about the surrogacy…

After the plumbing incident at The Flame Tree, Terese has arranged for Lassiters to be the replacement venue for the Pieces of Hollywood exhibition. The display includes a beautiful jewelled crown – which is soon found missing. Who is the mystery thief?

Thursday 16th February

With the Udagawa’s arrival imminent, Terese is desperate to get the missing crown back. While a missing key means Gary has been implicated, Amy finds Leo wiping his prints off a box in the alleyway. Who is the real thief?

Steph is hurt by Mark’s heartbroken attempts to shut her out. Wanting him to hear her apology, Steph is confronted with the unexpected sight of Elly exiting Mark’s bedroom… What the…?!

Ben and Xanthe come clean about their re-kindled relationship and Susan thinks it’s time to bury the hatchet between the two families once and for all, but the promise of a BBQ leaves the men arguing over who cooks the better sausage… and it seems this rivalry isn’t going away any time soon…

Friday 17th February

With Piper working and studying and Tyler now working nights, they’ve become ships in the night – and an increasingly frustrated Piper decides that getting a fake ID is the only way she can spend more time with him…

Ned decides to leave town to follow an opportunity on the Gold Coast and Brad struggles to come to terms with having just reconnected with his son, only to lose him again…

Ned buckles to paranoia believing that Elly and Mark must have a thing going and he’s simply been too blind to see. Will Ned find out the truth before he leaves and it’s all too late?