Neighbours episodes 13th to 17th March

Steph decides her future, Leo entraps Paul, and Tyler and Piper suffer a setback in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 13th to Friday 17th March, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 13th March

Ellen finds Steph and Victoria together. In a furious jealously – how far will Ellen’s vendetta go?

Toadie resolves to help Willow achieve her dreams, although he’s determined to keep his emotional distance from Dee. But, despite himself, Toadie finds himself drawing closer and closer to her.

Facing her impending departure, Paige tries to tell Jack who is the father of her baby but can’t find the right moment. But an unexpected accident will change everything…

Tuesday 14th March

Mark is horrified to discover Paige in the wreckage of the car, pinned in by the crushed driver’s door. With emergency services delayed and the car dripping petrol, the situation escalates as Paige begins to haemorrhage. Will Paige and her baby survive?

With Ellen’s actions revealed to all, Victoria is pleased she and Steph can be open about their relationship, but does Steph still want to be with Victoria?

Toadie and Sonya decide to offer Willow a room at their house so she can have some space from Dee, but will this be a move that Dee accepts?

Wednesday 15th March

The community reels with the revelation of the father of Paige’s baby. As Paige undergoes surgery after the car accident, Jack has to decide – will he quit the priesthood to focus on the baby?

Everything has been building to this moment. What will Toadie do when his relationship with Dee and Willow takes a surprising turn? And, more importantly, will Sonya support him?

Elly offers to help settle in Brad’s replacement teacher at the school, but is shocked to realise that she knows him – Finn Kelly. She needs to get rid of him – and fast… but why?

Thursday 16th March

Elly struggles with the reappearance of her ex, Finn Kelly. Things get worse when he impresses Susan and gets increasingly comfortable in his new role at Erinsborough High. There’s clearly history between Finn and Elly – but will Elly tell Susan the truth?

When Paul shoots down Tim Collins’ request for help in running against Sonya for Mayor, Tim blackmails Leo into manipulating Paul. But is Leo willing to risk his blossoming relationship with Amy?

When Sheila finds out Xanthe has run up a huge tab in Terese’s name, she insists Xanthe pay it back. Terese gives Xanthe the benefit of the doubt and clears the debt, but Sheila is furious that Terese has undermined her authority with her granddaughter. With Sheila and Terese at loggerheads, what will this mean for Gary and Terese’s relationship?

Friday 17th March

Elly tries to convince Susan of Finn’s misdoings – she needs to get someone on side otherwise Finn will get exactly what he wants and Elly knows that will spell bad news for Erinsborough High…

Paul learns that Leo helped Tim Collins blackmail him. He concocts a plan for revenge and puts it into action only to find out that Amy may unravel his scheming…

With little-to-no money or food, Piper and Tyler are doing it tough out on their own. Things get worse when Elly makes a scene at the bar Tyler works at. It seems Tyler attracts trouble and his boss can’t have that. Tyler’s bad for business but is he bad enough to be fired?