Neighbours episodes 15th to 19th May

Sonya reaches tipping point, Elly is investigated, and Terese and Gary hit a big bump in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 15th to Friday 19th May, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 15th May

Ramsay Street is celebrating Mother’s Day, but some residents don’t get what they hoped for…

Gary and Brooke’s secretive scheme takes them on a journey, but will their absence be noticed by anyone back on Ramsay St?

Sonya’s grief escalates over the day and with a big work event coming up will she be able to keep a lid on her emotions?

Tuesday 16th May

Sonya is quickly aware that she’s had another fall off the wagon. However, things go from bad to worse when Steph shows her an article from the West Waratah Star…

Gary and Brooke are sprung by Sheila whilst preparing to carry out their secret mission. What will happen now that the cat is out of the bag?

Tyler is still trying to find a new place for him and Piper to live, but Tyler is shocked when Piper announces that she would rather stay at home than move out with him… What does this mean for the young couple?

Wednesday 17th May

Sonya’s in shock, having been told by Toadie that he wants to take custody of Nell until she’s sober again. Sonya insists she would never do anything to hurt Nell, but can she prove that to Toadie?

Suspicious of Gary’s secretive and aloof behaviour, Terese assumes the worst, but is she just over-reacting?

Elly is mortified when Susan informs her that there will be a thorough investigation into her teaching history. Unable to put a stop to it, Elly is worried about what might be unearthed…

Thursday 18th May

Gary is still reeling from Terese’s confrontation. Confused, hurt and left with more questions than answers, Gary needs to find out what happened, but will he get the answers he wants?

Finn has been preparing slowly and surely to achieve his dream of becoming school principal. Now is the time to make his big move but has he underestimated Susan? Tension rise at Erinsborough High…

Paige is at the business end of her pregnancy and reality overwhelms her when she sees that she doesn’t really have anyone in her corner. Will anyone be there for Paige?

Friday 19th May

David is surprised when Will visits and asks him on a date later that night, which he nervously accepts, but will David’s nerves get the better of him on his very first date?

Leo is under increasing pressure to find cash to cover a repair bill at the Backpackers. David is worried that Leo might do something brash. How far will Leo go to make a quick buck?

Finn is no longer playing by the rules and does what is necessary to protect his future at Erinsborough High and his actions have dire repercussions…