Neighbours episodes 17th to 21st July

Everyone rallies around Terese, Susan’s illness takes its toll, and Steph comes to Jack’s rescue in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 17th to Friday 21st July, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 17th July

Terese, stunned by Gary’s suspicion that she’s pregnant, assures him she’s just off colour––but Gary is alive to her unusual behaviour and he takes his concerns to Sonya: could Terese be drinking again? Sonya’s sure she isn’t, but Gary’s clear worry persuades her to check.

Stressed Leo is single-minded as he prepares for the reopening of the Backpackers and Steph, trying to get him to turn his attention to the motel, is fed up with his inability to prioritise anything else. For the sake of peace, she agrees to try and bring him some mood lighting from the restaurant, but Leo, who’s determined the place look its best for a promo photoshoot that’s planned and who isn’t optimistic she’ll try very hard, dips into the business emergency fund to buy strings of fairy lights instead.

Piper reels at the extent to which she’s been doxxed––especially when she realises the hackers have leaked messages to Tyler she wrote about Xanthe while frustrated at her blind following of Finn. She tries to assure Xanthe that only Tyler was ever meant to read them, and that she doesn’t feel that way about her at all, but Xanthe takes them to heart.

Tuesday 18th July

After revealing her cancer diagnosis to a shocked Gary and Piper, Terese guiltily explains the reasons for her secrecy. They had so much else going on, she didn’t want to add to their worries. When Piper worries about Terese struggling with this on her own, her mother doesn’t mention she’s been confiding in Paul.

Meanwhile, Xanthe is adamant about not returning to school – until she hears about Terese’s news and her heart goes out to Piper. With some gentle prompting from Sheila, Xanthe pushes her own nerves down and accompanies her best friend to school. Once there, however, her resolve wavers. Especially when she’s reminded time and time again of her own foolishness over Finn.

Willow and Toadie find themselves in the midst of morning chaos at the Sharma-Rebecchi house. It’s clear to them both that they’re in the way and Toadie realises it’s time to do something about it. While Willow copes with first-day jitters on her return to the school where she previously told so many lies, Toadie bites the bullet and gets them an apartment at Eclipse.

Wednesday 19th July

In the wake of Xanthe’s meltdown Elly volunteers to go after her. Guided by Mark’s experience, she checks the church office where she finds a tear-streaked Xanthe struggling with her conflicting feelings about Finn. While Xanthe appreciates Elly’s efforts to buck her up with a pampering at the spa, she feels like a loser for ignoring everyone’s repeated warnings about Finn. Even now, when she hates him so much, she can’t stop missing him and worrying about him.

Toadie’s chuffed when Sonya invites him and Willow to check out Amy’s paint job at No. 30 – and even more hopeful when he sees that Sonya’s gone with his colour preference. Willow, too, is encouraged by the ex-couple getting along – especially when a giant spider causes mayhem. But when Willow innocently reveals Toadie’s found an apartment, Sonya’s thrown and unable to hide her upset.

Bumping into the ‘traitor’ Clive while searching the shopping mall for Xanthe, Sheila grudgingly accepts his offer of assistance. By the time Xanthe is reported found, Clive’s genuine support and sympathetic ear has won Sheila over, and when he asks her on a proper date, she has no hesitation in saying ‘yes.’

Karl is frustrated when Susan forgoes a specialist appointment in order to cover classes while Elly searches for Xanthe. His concern deepens when Susan insists on working late. He tries to point out that Susan is not responsible for what happened to Xanthe while Susan was away sick, but it’s clear Susan believes she could have done more to protect her student.

Thursday 20th July

A mortified Susan reels in the wake of her collapse at school. Elly is supportive and assures her she’ll get through it, but insists Susan get checked out at the hospital. Following the check-up, Karl’s concern is evident, and he suggests Susan take some leave. Susan refuses. She simply has too much on her plate. Karl reminds her of their agreement that if she experienced any further signs of an MS flare-up, she would take time off, but Susan still resists.

With Paige busy helping Terese, Jack is thrilled to have a chance to spend some one-on-one time with Gabe. He throws himself into it, buying some baby equipment to keep at his place, wanting to be prepared. But Gabe’s having an ‘off’ day, grizzling and crying continuously. Jack bravefaces to Steph, but as his dad-anxiety rises, Steph comes to the rescue and gives him some time out.

Kirsha is horrified to be paired up with popular girl Tia for an assignment, and further horrified when Tia invites her to a sleepover. She doesn’t want to go but Dipi insists it’ll be good for her. Shane argues that they shouldn’t make her go, but Dipi assures him sleepovers are important.

Friday 21st July

It’s panic-stations at the Sharma-Rebecchi house as they try to figure out where Kirsha is after she didn’t show up at a sleepover. Ben and Evan are discussing Tyler’s perspective on Piper’s gaming problems, when Yashvi turns up to postpone her football date with Evan until her sister can be found – and the boys join in the search.

Over dinner with David, Leo is troubled by his twin’s on-going tension after the Paul/Mannix situation.  But he’s not the only one feeling that David is not a happy camper – Aaron, too, admits to Amy that he thought he was progressing with David but now he’s getting no love from the guy. When Amy and Jimmy talk Aaron into “casually” dropping in to ask David upstairs, things get even more awkward – as David refuses to let them in, and is sweaty and uncomfortable…leading Aaron to believe he was “entertaining” another lover.