Neighbours episodes 19th to 23rd June

The Robinson clan come together, Karl is worried about Susan, and Sonya’s day of reckoning looms in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 19th June

When Xanthe leaves work early with some food, she disappears into the shadows, her movements unknown to anyone, except one individual… what is Xanthe up to?

Worried by something she’s found, Terese requests an appointment with Karl…

The Robinsons unite and help one another on a day of big change, marking a new phase for the Robinson family…

Tuesday 20th June

Gary, Sheila and Elly are panicked by Xanthe’s movements. They have few clues to solve the mystery and are on the serach for more but time is running out!

Finn has prepared for the worst and put an emergency plan into action, but he could land more than just himself in trouble. Is Finn willing to take that risk?

Terese updates Piper on her health situation and is relieved to see that Piper’s holding strong. But Terese isn’t. Is it because she’s hiding something?

Wednesday 21st June

Finn continues to manipulate the situation in his favour. He doesn’t seem to be giving in and is more tenacious than anyone thought, but will his plan succeed?

Xanthe returns home for the night and while Sheila and Gary ponder what might have happened to their girl, it’s Xanthe who experiences the full repercussions of her actions…

Finn has gotten away with too much for too long, and it’s the result of a single confrontation by a Ramsay St resident that sends him over the edge…

Thursday 22nd June

Susan wants to pretend everything is fine in wake of a little incident, but Karl insists she undergo proper procedure to ensure all is well. Will Susan listen to Karl, or will she stand strong?

Jack doesn’t want to attend Amy’s party, but she eventually convinces him. He’s extremely anxious and shy, but will Jack’s nerves get the better of him?

David is excited about Amy’s housewarming, because it will be a chance for him to introduce Tom to everyone as his new boyfriend but what happens next, no-one could have predicted…

Friday 23rd June

With Sonya’s day of reckoning looming will anyone be there to defend her after what she did?

Having arrived home early from Queensland, Paige is quick to avoid all questions about her trip. Aaron and Tyler become suspicious. What is Paige hiding?

Aaron gears up for a sales pitch by making big promises to his client. Intrigued, his client agrees but Aaron is going to have to pull out all the stops if he wants a winner!