Neighbours episodes 1st to 5th May

Steph is suspicious of Sonya, Elly sees Finn’s true colours and Paige and Jack disagree in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 1st to Friday 5th May, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 1st May

It’s the day of the Bonza Barbie Bash – and the spirit of competition is firing up everyone on Ramsay St. Expectations are high but will things become too hot to handle?

Amy can’t stop thinking about Leo and when she sees him at the Bonza Barbie Bash with someone else, she hits an all time low.

David is trying to date one of the backpackers, off the back of some advice from Aaron, but things don’t go quite as planned.

Tuesday 2nd May

An accident at the Backpackers puts David in trouble. Will he get the help he needs?

Mishti has stirred up bad memories, but refuses to indulge them. What is Mishti hiding?

When Steph comes home from a night shift she fears that Sonya is indulging her vices. Are her suspicions correct?

Wednesday 3rd May

Amy is losing all sense of control, and needs to confide in someone but in her delirious state, who will she turn to?

Sonya orders Mark to give her space. Worried that he’s going to lose Sonya completely, Mark decides to take drastic action.

Elly is concerned about Finn’s behavior and decides to keep an eye on him. What she sees shocks her to her very core.

Thursday 4th May

Susan is concerned about Finn and decides to put him in his place, but will Finn be able to take Susan’s orders sitting down?

When Paige receives an over-priced gift, Jack morally objects. Paige can’t indulge in the amazing present without upsetting Jack. What will she do?

Brooke has the desire to reach out to someone from her past but is hesitant to bring it up with Xanthe. Will Brooke overcome her doubts?

Friday 5th May

Gary promises to help Brooke with a quest of hers but Brooke decides to hatch a crazy plan that could land them in hot water. Will Gary keep his promise?

Toadie is becoming overwhelmed by his current living situation. He needs change but is there anyone he can turn to in his hour of need?

Shane and Dipi worry Kirsha isn’t making friends. Dipi prods her to be more confident but Kirsha is hung up on an old friend, who could be the key to finding her self esteem…