Neighbours episodes 20th to 24th February

Toadie puts Dee before Sonya, Steph is worried, and Jasmine makes demands in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 20th – Friday 24th February, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 20th February

Dee is becoming increasingly more invested in her relationship with Toadie. When Toadie and Sonya dedicate themselves to spending quality time together, will Dee deliberately interfere?

David feels trapped by the choices he’s made, and when an understanding Paige releases him from his commitment, he goes to see Aaron, ready to take the next step…

Especially worried when finding out it’s ladies night at the Back Lane Bar, Piper is thankful to get a hold of a fake ID so she can see Tyler – but unbeknownst to Piper, which lady out on the town will catch Piper where she shouldn’t be?

Tuesday 21st February

Paige and David come clean to Brad and Lauren regarding their lie about the baby’s father. With Jack also now knowing David’s not the dad, Paige goes to tell him the truth – will Jack finally find out about his unborn child?

Piper panics over the financial and personal ramifications of Elly busting her with the fake ID. Elly argues she has a responsibility as a teacher to shut the fake ID ring down. She supposes, however, if she were to learn who the ringleader is, she could be convinced to let it go…

Toadie disappoints Sonya by placing an appointment with Dee ahead of a mayoral function with her. Afterwards, Toadie emotionally bonds further with Dee over her previous miscarriage – where is the relationship between these two heading?

Wednesday 22nd February

Steph invites homeless Victoria to stay at the motel, and they promise to keep their distance from each other – but when Steph finds her bike damaged – seemingly deliberately – she starts to wonder. Is it a warning? A threat? And if so, from whom?

Dee is beginning to panic about her relationship with Toadie and so strikes out to get some alone time with Nell – what exactly is she after?

At another Ramsay St. barbecue, Gary grills his sausages and waxes on his process, as both Paul and Karl try their best to undermine him. The sausage fest is alive and well…

Thursday 23rd February

Leo searches known homeless encampments for Bradley Satchwell, determined to help David in his quest to find their father. With Amy and Aaron’s help he tracks Bradley down, but what answers will they find?

Steph has a run-in with Ellen when she comes to take the police report on the bike incident and begins to wonder if Ellen could be the culprit. Victoria confirms that her ex can be vindictive, and Steph begins to worry she’s made herself a powerful enemy…

Determined to impress Terese and hold his own against Gary, Paul goes ahead with his gourmet sausage sizzle breakfast – but who will he rope in to his cunning plan to commit epicurean fraud?

Friday 24th February

Following the revelation about Bradley Satchwell, Amy sees through Leo’s bravado, realising he’s more affected than he’s letting on. Reaching out to him, Amy gets a rare glimpse into his vulnerable side. Could this mean a relationship between the two stands a chance?

A nervous Paige comes up with a novel solution to reveal to Jack he is the father of their baby, but will Jack’s newly arrived superior, Bishop Green, stand in the way?

Jasmine Udagawa demands Terese focus on bringing Paul Robinson down, and Terese responds by reluctantly pulling back from Paul. The news is music to Gary’s ears, but when Jasmine demands something new of Terese, it inadvertently changes everything for Gary…