Neighbours episodes 23rd to 27th January

Dee’s arrival divides the street, there’s concern for Paige, and Steph and Mark hide the truth in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 23rd – Friday 27th January, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 23rd January

Toadie is rocked by the stunning resemblance of their mystery visitor to his wife Dee Bliss – and by Dee’s familiarity with the details of the accident that supposedly took her life. Explaining away her years of absence, Toadie is convinced that Dee has been saved by a miracle. Sonya doesn’t buy it. Or Mark, whose questions put him at odds with Steph. As the news of her return spreads, Dee’s arrival divides Ramsay Street.

Tuesday 24th January

There’s a veneer of normality in the Rebecchi house, thinly cloaking the unrest Dee’s arrival has stirred. Toadie’s off to spend the day with her, intent on reacquainting himself, while Sonya tries to bury her fear that Dee has come to Erinsborough to win Toadie back.

It’s the day of the Erinsborough backpackers launch and Leo is buzzing with nervous excitement – he’s organised events like this before but it’s always been other people’s money at stake. With his own business on the line… will the launch go off without a hitch?

Wednesday 25th January

There’s concern on Ramsay St. about Paige’s determination to raise her baby on her own, leading a surprising someone to present an alternative proposition – to act as the baby’s father.

Sonya is surprised to find Toadie looking into the Bliss family estate, wanting to get Dee back on her feet – and she worries he’s becoming increasingly invested in this woman from his past.

Steph and Mark plan to enjoy a celebratory engagement lunch, but a turn of events results in both of them spending the day in intimate encounters with other people… How long until the truth comes out?

Thursday 26th January

Leo’s frazzled in the lead up to the opening of the backpackers, but even with Aaron’s watertight media strategy, the day goes horribly wrong when a shock kidnapping occurs. Who has been taken?

Paige decides to take her baby’s surprise fake father up on his offer. Steeling herself to make the announcement to her family at an Australia Day barbecue, she begins to second guess herself when she learns Jack is also invited.

Piper’s missing Tyler, who’s been spending all his time looking for a new job. Encouraged by Xanthe, Piper splurges her Australia Day penalty rate money on something special.

Friday 27th January

Paige’s surprise announcement leaves Brad and Lauren with a lot of questions, including why it took the ‘father’ so long to come forward, but the first pangs of guilt start to hit Paige when Jack doesn’t react so well to the news.

Leo sweats over the kidnapping, convinced Paul and Terese are behind it – and the accusation leaves Amy having to make a decision about whether she trusts her father or not.

Piper finds herself in another stoush with her parents following her splurge with Tyler, but the argument is witnessed by Leo, who devises an opportune way to avenge himself on Terese by presenting Piper and Tyler with an offer they can’t refuse.