Neighbours episodes 24th to 28th April

Steph reaches out to Sonya, Paige and Mark grow closer, and Terese feels threatened by Brooke in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 24th to Friday 28th April, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 24th April

Sonya is hiding the truth about her actions and Steph begs her to let it all go. Will Sonya be able to finally open up?

Toadie’s visitor is anxious about a decision he’s made. When the time comes to reveal all, will he get the reaction he wants?

Leo flirts with a mystery girl in an attempt to move on but when Amy spots the two, how will he react?

Tuesday 25th April

Aaron and David spend Anzac Day together, and open up about their connection to the momentous day…

Amy isn’t coping well with a choice she made the night before. When she turns to Aaron he begins to probe her and tensions rise…

Paige decides to have an Anzac BBQ with Mark, but where is Jack?

Wednesday 26th April

Terese’s plan to rebrand Lassiters Day Spa is threatened by the potential of a bad review. Sheila comes to her aid and offers a solution but Terese may not like it…

David is confused by Aaron’s behavior towards him. Is there something he’s missing? David needs to find out…

Susan catches a glimpse of Finn’s true ambition and reels. How far will he go to get what he wants?

Thursday 27th April

Elly faces quite the dilemma when her feelings for Finn resurface. Can she trust him enough to give the romance a chance?

Terese feels threatened by Brooke and her attention towards Gary. Will Terese be able to cook up a plan to keep her man?

Piper bonds with a cool backpacker, making Tyler feel insecure about himself. Will he let his feelings affect their relationship?

Finn asks Xanthe to be his eyes and ears on the schoolyard in order to help him make the school better, but is there more to his request?

Friday 28th April

Xanthe overhears Elly and Susan discussing Finn. She is shocked by what she’s hears. What secrets has Xanthe stumbled upon?

Tyler’s insecurities reach a fever pitch when he is goaded by one of the backpackers. What will Tyler do?

David is lost in love and confides in Jack who tells him to follow his heart, but is David ready to do that?