Neighbours episodes 26th to 30th June

Finn turns the tables, tensions flare between Leo, Paul and Steph, and Karl has news for Terese in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 26th June to Friday 7th July, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 26th June

Piper and Gary are anxious about Terese’s doctor’s appointment to get her biopsy results later today, but Terese doesn’t want to dwell on it. Determined to get on with her life, she heads off to work. Paul figures out something’s up with Terese, and she reveals her health scare. He manages to offer her the kind of support she needs, and with this she goes to face the music. Terese is relieved when David gives her the biopsy results – she’s in the clear. However, following a phone call from her cousin, Terese discovers her grandmother died from breast cancer. Terese’s intuition tells her she should take the test again and David agrees. Terese decides to keep this decision from Gary and her family.

Sonya and Toadie leave the courthouse after the hearing, both of them relieved at the outcome – Sonya narrowly escaped a prison sentence. They return to the Rebecchi house together where Steph welcomes the good news. Steph notices Toadie and Sonya seem to be acting like a couple again so she heads off to work to give them some space. Toadie’s hopes are also high, following Sonya telling him she loves him before the sentencing… but Sonya apologises for confusing things, suggesting they need to go back to communicating via email. Toadie is devastated.

Meanwhile at the cafe, Mishti and Leo enjoy flirting with each other, when Leo is interrupted by a call.  His mood changes quickly and he hurries off, leaving a folio on the counter. Back at the motel, Leo calls in his favour from Steph. He needs a room comped for a friend. Steph agrees but later she becomes suspicious when Leo avoids introducing her to his friend and says he’ll take care of any incidentals. She voices her concerns to Paul but he shuts her down. When Mishti shows up at the motel to return Leo’s folio, Leo suggests they go get a drink. His friend is keen to join, but Leo warns him off, revealing Mishti used to be a cop. Leo’s friend is surprised – shouldn’t Leo also be avoiding Mishti then?

Tuesday 27th June

Caring for a comatose Finn at the hospital, Karl struggles to hide his loathing, and is startled when Finn suddenly wakes – paralysed below the neck, but lucid. Unaware Finn is conscious, Xanthe struggles to put the ordeal behind her. Little does she know, Finn is already contemplating his next steps – having learned his aneurism burst and caused a major stroke, his worst fears seemingly realised. Mark arrives hoping to interview Finn. He has the recording Xanthe made of him confessing to his crimes, but it will make the upcoming prosecution far simpler if Finn agrees to make that confession official.

Steph’s uncomfortable with the unofficial guest Leo has staying at the motel, and her suspicions flare when she witnesses a dodgy guy sneaking into the room for some kind of secretive deal. Meanwhile Paul reaches out to Leo, attempting to find out why he’s so willing to help this mysterious guy. Leo admits the guest is someone from his past, but insists he’s not someone Paul or Steph need to worry about.

Sonya’s still fragile after the stress of her hearing, and tries to convince Toadie to let her have Nell tonight. But Toadie already has plans, and when Sonya can’t arrange time with Terese or Steph either, she finds herself home alone and haunted by temptation to drink.

Wednesday 28th June

Elly denies laying a finger on Finn, but it’s clear someone tried to smother him and it can’t have been Finn because his arms and legs are paralysed from the stroke. The noose tightens for Elly when it’s discovered no-one else entered Finn’s room around the time of the incident. Mark turns to Karl: is there any way Finn could be faking the extent of his paralysis?

When David reads between the lines and assumes Tom sees a future for them, he invites Tom on a holiday and Tom, realising David is more invested in the relationship than he is, breaks it off, citing feelings for another mystery man.

Sonya is embarrassed by her painting mishap and keeps Toadie out of the house, inadvertently making him feel likes he’s done something wrong. Later he returns, upset and needing answers, and Sonya has to let him in to see the mess.

Thursday 29th June

Just as everyone thinks the Finn debacle is over, it seems he still has one more card to play. He wants to speak with Xanthe, Elly, Susan and Ben from his hospital bed. The suspicion is that this is more about Victim Impact Statements than actual remorse.

Aaron’s confident as he sets up the Rolli presentation to a potential investor. However, after an altercation with David in the Complex where David berates him for hooking up with Tom Quill, he loses his mojo at the worst time.

The students are moving on from the Mr Kelly scandal, and Kirsha and Yashvi are settling into their new routine. When Yashvi is singled out by cricket captain Luke Browne, she can’t believe he’s actually talking to her. He’s heard Yashvi works with Xanthe and makes a snarky comment. Desperate to fit in, Yashvi goes along with it and Luke’s impressed. It seems like she’s found a group to hang out with.

Friday 30th July

Terese can’t concentrate as she waits for the results of her latest test on the lump in her breast. She asks Karl to follow up, hoping to put it all behind her… However, when Karl receives the results, he has to break the devastating news to her …

Ben is in trouble for pushing Luke Browne and hurting Yashvi in the process––but he won’t dob to Susan, wanting to protect Xanthe from the story being repeated. Though Yashvi looks like the victim and Ben is being punished, she feels guilty about letting him take the rap.

While trying to work out their personal and professional lives, Mishti and Aaron go to The Shed together to work out––both noticing it’s up for sale. Without a clue the other one is interested in buying it, they both put in an offer for The Shed. They’re both surprised when they learn they had the same idea––but even more surprised that someone has beaten them to it.