Neighbours episodes 27th to 31st March

Sonya and Toadie are at breaking point, Paige packs her bags, and Sheila causes trouble for Gary and Terese in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 27th to Friday 31st March, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 27th March

Toadie is desperate to get in touch with Sonya. He wants to make amends as soon as possible but Sonya’s nowhere near ready to begin healing. Is the Rebecchi marriage damaged beyond repair?

Paige decides to leave Erinsborough. Jack begs her to reconsider. Will he be able to change her mind?

Mark holds Toadie responsible for Sonya’s stress. Steph, Paige and Elly all attempt to support Mark but as his rage increases they all start to wonder if they can halt his downward spiral…

Tuesday 28th March

Toadie rushes to see Sonya before the memorial starts in order to be there for her. The clock is running out and with his marriage on the line Toadie can’t give up. Will he make it?

Jack proves just how important the community of Erinsborough is to him. His efforts inspire support from Paige and Lauren, but will that be enough to earn his place back in the parish?

Wednesday 29th March

Sonya meets with Toadie and the heartbroken couple explores the future of their relationship. Sonya puts her cards on the table and Toadie reels. Is there still hope for the Rebecchi marriage?

Mark struggles with his feelings of fury and puts all blame on Toadie. After all he’s been through has Mark reached a point of no return?

Sheila is afraid of Terese’s growing influence on her family. Running out of options to take back control, Sheila makes a hasty decision to shake things up without considering the consequences…

Thursday 30th March

Leo and David get the news that their mother is coming to Erinsborough. Finally they have the chance to confront her about the identity of their father…

Sheila is horrified to realise that she’s made a drunken mistake. She’s found herself in an awkward position and has hell to pay. What did Sheila do?

Friday 31st March

David follows a series of clues that he thinks will lead him to his father. He digs into his family’s past, surprise at every corner, but will David get the answers he needs?

Leo and Amy struggle to hide their feelings for each other any longer even though Leo’s mother disapproves of Amy. Can there be a future for Leo and Amy?

Tensions between Finn and Elly rise, as she feels Finn is doing to her what he did in the past. Elly confronts Finn but things don’t go exactly to plan.