Neighbours episodes 27th Feb to 3rd March

Brad suggests a move, Toadie asks for advice, and Steph feels the pressure in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 27th February – Friday 3rd March, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 27th February

Dee worries that she’s pushed Toadie away and so manoeuvres Susan to bring Toadie back into her life. Toadie is confronted by Susan’s revelations, and decides to confront Dee – but instead, he’s confronted by the sight of her… in just a towel. Will he be tempted?

Piper is incredibly nervous about going to school – and facing the wrath of Bec’s friends after her suspension. As Bec and her cronies move in, Xanthe comes to Piper’s aid to suggest someone that can help…

Struggling to process Bishop Green’s harsh words, Paige nevertheless chooses to keep the truth from Jack. Brad and Lauren worry about Paige’s increasing stress and Brad realises that his duty as Paige’s dad is to shield her from pressure and not add to it, so he suggests a family sea-change… to the Gold Coast. Will they decide to make the move?

Tuesday 28th February

Sonya wonders whether Mark might be dating Elly, fearing she would not be a great parental figure for the baby. Mark gets the wrong end of the stick and becomes increasingly annoyed that Steph is interfering in his life, but Sonya steps in: it’s not Steph who is concerned, it’s her… and perhaps she’s starting to think that Mark isn’t fit to be a father…

Toadie goes to Karl for advice about his growing feelings for Dee. Toadie is sure that now he and Dee have acknowledged it, they can manage the situation without having to act on their feelings. Too many lives are at stake. But is he fooling himself?

Piper is feeling the financial squeeze of her and Tyler’s impecunious life, and sees an opportunity to ease her money worries with Xanthe’s plan. Let the fake ID scamming begin…

Wednesday 1st March

After her break-up with Mark, the surrogate baby, and her mysterious attacker, Steph is finding it difficult to sleep, let alone maintain her new relationship with Victoria. Will Steph make it work or will she crash and burn?

Toadie is unsettled by Sonya and Mark’s close bond. As they lean on one another for support throughout Sonya’s pregnancy, Toadie is consumed with doubt. Was Dee right about Sonya and Mark’s relationship?

Terese tries to dig for information about Jasmine Udagwa’s vendetta against Leo. Getting nowhere, she takes a risk and decides to snoop through Jasmine’s briefcase. Will she find what’s she’s looking for before Jasmine finds her?

Thursday 2nd March

Amy overhears Jasmine reveal to Terese that the contents of the briefcase could lead to Leo becoming the owner of Lassiters. Confused and worried for him, Amy fishes for more information about the Udagawa’s connection to the Tanakas, determined to help Leo find out more about his past…

Ben and Xanthe start work experience at the hospital. Ben’s taking his placement very seriously, but Xanthe is just looking forward to a day of fun with him. Ben realises how “fun” a hospital is when confronted with the realities of the job, and Xanthe surprises David with her behaviour at the hospital.

Eager to spend more time with Terese, Paul invites her to attend Aaron’s promotional barbeque with him. Terese turns Paul down, but later Gary charms her into attending. When Paul sees them at the BBQ he fills up with an explosive jealously that could spell trouble for Gary and Terese…

Friday 3rd March

Elly springs Piper with the Fake IDs and cottons onto a scheme she suspects is much bigger than Piper is willing to admit. Elly embarks on an investigation to get to the bottom of this high school scandal but may bite off more than she can chew…

Amy is thrown when Leo shares a theory about who his father might be. Amy involves herself further and helps Leo track the man down, though the couple may not be ready for what they find…

Xanthe’s confidence is at an all-time low as she struggles to complete her work experience at the hospital. She’s inspired by Paige who tells her to learn from her mistakes and move on, and Xanthe pushes for her dream. But how long will Xanthe’s attitude last when her day goes from bad to worse?