Neighbours episodes 30th January to 3rd February

Dee drops a bombshell, Steph and Mark are in crisis, and Sheila gets competitive in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 30th January – Friday 3rd February, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 30th January

While everyone is enjoying having Dee back, the only person with misgivings seems to be Sonya, who is feeling the strain of the ex-wife’s miraculous return. Dee notices Sonya’s growing tension and tries to confront it head on… but it seems these two women have only one thing in common – a husband. Is there a growing battle taking place for his affections?

A sceptical Mark is mystified when he suspects there is someone other than Dee in her room. Who is the mystery intruder?

Steph runs into Victoria, who has been stood up by a date – and by the end of the night Steph ends up getting kissed… will she give in to this attraction?

Tuesday 31st January

Dee worries that her being in Erinsborough is driving a wedge between Toadie and Sonya, but Steph lets her know that there were plenty there before Dee arrived. The timing couldn’t be any worse for Toadie, leaving a worried Sonya at home, to find himself receiving a life changing shock in Dee’s motel room. What will Toadie discover?

Steph comes clean to Mark about the kiss, her feelings for Victoria, and most importantly, her doubts about the baby and the surrogacy. Mark finds himself reeling – how can their relationship survive this?

Ben and Xanthe’s dodgeball rivalry intensifies so strongly that Susan enlists Sheila to supervise with her. But Sheila’s competitive instincts take over, and the pair finds themselves at odds – leading to them disgracefully losing control…

Wednesday 1st February

Toadie and Sonya are rocked to the core as they learn that Dee’s return has also heralded the arrival of another individual that will change their lives forever…

Hurt and bewildered, Mark is confused. Does Steph’s attraction to Victoria indicate she’s more inclined to women, or does it point to a deeper problem in his and Steph’s relationship?

Having witnessed the hostility between Susan and Sheila spiral out of control, Ben and Xanthe put their own rivalry aside as they attempt to bring about a reconciliation… but will working together help them build a new bond of their own?

Thursday 2nd February

Sonya’s convinced that Dee’s bombshell will cast an even greater shadow over her marriage and Karl begins to worry she’s under too much stress. When Sonya’s nose begins to bleed – is this just the start of bigger concerns for the surrogacy?

With their relationship already on shaky ground, Steph confronts Mark with evidence leading her to accuse him of prioritising Sonya over her. Mark protests – but Steph proceeds to make a massive decision…

Paige begins to re-question her decision to keep Jack in the dark. Conflicted, Paige admits a truth of sorts to her new baby daddy – that the real father is ‘married’, and she doesn’t want to wreck the most important thing in the world to him. But will Paige stick to her selfless decision?

Friday 3rd February

As Sonya continues to grapple with Dee’s bombshell, Toadie is happy with the unexpected reprieve it’s given him from the heavy surrogacy dramas at home. Sonya can’t help herself, however, from interrupting and making things awkward…

The reality of Piper and Tyler’s situation – penniless and jobless – starts to bite. With their families refusing to bail them out unless Piper moves back home, things look dire for the young lovers until Leo suggests a lifeline…