Neighbours episodes 3rd to 7th April

Mark comforts Sonya, Paige feels the heat, and Terese and Sheila bond in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 3rd to Friday 7th April, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 3rd April

After their heated confrontation, Elly expects the worse from Finn. What spiteful thing has he got in store for her next?

David confronts his mother with the information he’s gathered about her past. Will she finally spill the beans about the twins’ father?

Amy and Leo isolate themselves in order to get away from the bustle of work. Amy is hopeful that the getaway might turn romantic, but is lone wolf Leo ready to take that step?

Tuesday 4th April

David narrows down who he thinks his father is and races down to the coast to tell Leo immediately. Leo and Amy’s getaway is interrupted with a life-changing shock!

Elly confesses to Susan that Finn declared his love for her and she has no idea what to do. Should she give him another go or is this another trick?

Toadie is determined to get his marriage back on track. Sonya, however, is leaning on Mark for support. The Rebecchi family is torn but will Toadie let another man take his place?

Wednesday 5th April

The Tanakas reel from the news about their father. Their mother finally sets the record straight and the truth rocks Ramsay St…

Sonya has trouble sleeping and visits Mark where he comforts her. Mark claims that his feelings towards Sonya are completely platonic but will Toadie believe that?

Thursday 6th April

Kim tries to approach Leo but he rejects her, still much too angry to forgive her for keeping their father a secret for so long. Will the Tanakas ever come to terms with the reality of their family?

Lauren is leaving and Paige is sure she can handle things on her own but when a customer has a go at Paige, her safety is put into question. Will Paige really be okay without Lauren?

Friday 7th April

Lauren worries about leaving Paige behind to take charge of Harold’s alone. Lauren’s fears skyrocket when Harold’s is vandalized. Will she be able to leave Paige?

Terese works hard to build a bond with Sheila in order to get on the good side of the Canning den mother, but when Gary and Sheila get into an argument Terese has trouble picking a side…

Paige is struggling with baby brain and is too often absent minded, but will one of her mishaps put her baby in danger?