Neighbours episodes 3rd to 7th July

Leo deals with a life and death situation, Xanthe’s confidence is at rock bottom, and David faces a moral dilemma in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 3rd to Friday 7th July, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 3rd July

The secret of the tension between Mark and Paige is revealed––he visited her in Queensland, and they had a chat by the marina which touched on their friendship and history, which resulted in a kiss between them. Paige is now trying to forget it ever happened…

Steph is unhappy about Mannix staying at the motel, especially when Mannix acts increasingly suspicious.  Mannix crosses with Elly at the complex and they arrange a date. Leo finds out about this and urges Elly to stay away from the guy, although does not reveal why––and Elly listens to Leo’s advice. Leo asks Mannix to leave but Mannix won’t, threatening to tell about a secret from Leo’s past. Steph later finds Mannix messing mysteriously about in his room.

Terese prepares to tell Gary the news about her cancer. However, when she sees how he is trying to focus on Xanthe, she’s unable to go through with it. She keeps her secret, though Paul is beginning to suspect something is up…

Tuesday 4th July

Mannix leaves Leo no choice but to enlist David to help with his knife wound. Realising a crime may have occurred, David is a little unsure whether he should intervene…

It’s Paige’s birthday party. On the way there, Amy chats to Jack and discovers he still has feelings for Paige. She urges him to come clean, but when he does, Paige rejects him.

Terese has thrown herself into organising Paige’s party as a distraction from her health scare, but later faces reality when scheduling in a medical check-up for the coming week. Despite her fears, she hides her stress from everyone, determined not to stir up concern. However, Paul has previously sensed her distraction and shows up at Paige’s birthday party with a gift and the offer of his company. Terese reveals nothing, but is comforted by his strong, caring support. Where will this lead?

Wednesday 5th July

After Leo’s revelation that he ratted on the Renshaws, David tells him he’s in way over his head. He needs to call an ambulance and then the police. But believing the police can’t protect him, Leo instead begs David to get painkillers for Mannix from the hospital. When David refuses, Leo reminds him that he’s the one who supported David through his medical degree by working for the Renshaws. He owes him.

Paige is worried that Jack’s being weird with her after telling him that she doesn’t see a romantic future for them. She tries to talk to him, but Jack’s too consumed with dealing with Mannix. He can’t tell Paige why he’s so harried, which only fuels her suspicions further.

Xanthe’s confidence is at rock bottom in the wake of what’s happened with Finn. Gary and Sheila are both desperately concerned, especially considering Xanthe’s insistence that she’s not returning to school. Susan and Piper both do their best to convince Xanthe that she can’t give up on her nursing dream, but Xanthe’s convinced it’s out of her reach.

Thursday 6th July

Paige remains confronted by the idea of Elly and Mark going to the vineyard together. Without mentioning names, she outlines the situation to David, who encourages her to either hold her breath and see what happens or try and move past it.

With encouragement from Sheila, Xanthe fronts for work experience at the hospital. Karl is quick to notice that she’s not her usual confident self. Meanwhile, Sheila worries that Xanthe won’t last the day so she decides to check up on her – and scores a surprise lunch invite from Dr Clive Gibbons in the process.

Meanwhile, David has spent the day trying to decide whether to come clean about the missing painkillers. When he sees Xanthe caught up in his web of deceit, he steels himself to make a confession to Clive…

Friday 7th July

Aaron and Mishti are pumped to learn that the fitness centre is back up on the market. But the asking price has been jacked up, and Aaron’s not sure he can afford to borrow that much money. When Mishti admits to Dipi that she’s not sure she has the confidence to run the business on her own, Dipi suggests she partner up with Aaron …

Ben is left feeling insecure about his future at the garage when the new apprentice, Evan, starts work. But Yashvi has a different reaction to the new guy. After discovering Evan’s interest in BMXs, Yashvi falls hard for Evan and attempts to win his attention …