Neighbours episodes 6th to 10th February

Mark makes Steph an offer, Piper plans a drastic move, and Karl threatens Gary in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 6th – Friday 10th February, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 6th February

Tensions continue to mount between Sonya and Toadie in the aftermath of Dee’s bombshell. But Toadie’s world might be rocked again when a mystery visitor arrives at Dee’s motel room door. Who could the former Ramsay Street favourite be?

Desperate to salvage their relationship, Mark tries to reconnect with Steph by inviting her to stay the night. But having just run into Victoria, will a rattled Steph accept Mark’s offer?

Tuesday 7th February

A surprise visit from a former Ramsay Street resident complicates matters even further for Toadie and his struggle to balance his competing relationships with Dee and Sonya… What do they have in store?

Following her kiss with Victoria, a confused Steph confides in Lauren that after being intimate with Mark, she couldn’t get away fast enough. Does this mean Steph has genuine feelings for Victoria?

Brad and Terese refuse Piper’s reluctant request for a short term loan, adamant she’s on the verge of cracking and coming home. But Piper has one more ace up her sleeve, and when she plays it to her parents, they couldn’t be more shocked…

Wednesday 8th February

Determined for her and Tyler to make it on their own, Piper applies to ‘divorce’ her parents in the hope of accessing Centrelink payments. But will an eleventh-hour lifeline from Ned stop Piper from making the drastic move, or will it aggravate the Willis family war further?

Toadie has terrible news for Dee – there’s no money left in the Bliss estate. But Toadie, begins to feel financially responsible and tries to make amends. How will Sonya react to Toadie’s plans?

Disaster strikes after Amy recruits Ace, one of Jack’s disadvantaged kids, to help her with a repair job at The Flame Tree.  But a suspicious encounter between Ace and Leo has Amy thinking the disaster wasn’t an accident…

Thursday 9th February

Amy’s guilt mounts when she learns the damage to Paul’s restaurant has cost him a lucrative cross-promotion deal. But after discovering Leo paid Ace to sabotage the restaurant in an act of revenge on Paul, Amy finds herself caught in the middle of a family feud. Will she confront Paul? Or will lingering feelings for Leo cause her to sit on the fence?

Ben and Xanthe’s secret affair is almost outed when a hot-tempered Sheila blames Ben for letting her car tyres down. The accusation adds more fuel to the fiery Canning-Kennedy feud and when Sheila goes to confront the Kennedys someone comes away with an injury…

Gary suspects his family is being targeted by his vengeful former boss. His paranoia peaks after hearing a disturbance outside the house. Armed with one of Sheila’s garden gnomes, Gary goes to confront the intruder. Who will he find?

Friday 10th February

Desperate to blow off some steam, Mark heads to the bar where Tyler’s doing a trial as a barman. But when the group effort to pull Mark from his turmoil fails and his emotions boil over, a desperate Tyler finds himself having to take drastic action…

Struggling to come to terms with Paige’s news about her baby daddy, Jack tries to show support with an unexpected offer. Seeing the offer as a way to include Jack in the baby’s life, Paige approaches him to agree to seriously consider the idea, leading to an intimate moment between father and child…

As Karl threatens to call his solicitor in the wake of Gary accidentally attacking him, Sheila forces Gary to come clean on the real intruder. Realising the crim’s father is an old flame, Sheila gets seductive to try and defuse the situation…