Neighbours episodes 6th to 10th March

Leo receives an ultimatum, Brad and Lauren make a big decision, and Steph’s troubles go from bad to worse in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 6th to Friday 10th March, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 6th March

Steph arrives to pick up her bike from the garage after repair only to be told it’s gone. Suspecting Ellen has stolen it, she reports it to Mark – but when Mark goes to suss out the garage he discovers that the bike is there, repaired and ready. An already fragile Steph fears for the worst. Have her psychiatric symptoms returned?

Sonya and Mark make a big decision regarding their baby and decide not to tell Toadie. An uneasy Toadie spies the two in conversation from afar. Sonya’s secretive behaviour and distance from him makes Toadie worry that he really is losing Sonya to Mark.

Elly comes clean about Willows actions, and Willow’s dream is jeopardised. Dee, under threat, takes drastic action against Elly… but who will be caught in her crosshairs?

Tuesday 7th March

Elly is mortified when the photo-shopped photo of her and Angus ends up in the West Waratah Star. Her reputation and future are in jeopardy and she thinks Willow is responsible. An angry Willow confronts the real culprit, then takes surprising action.

Still reeling from her break-up with Victoria and concerned that she could be losing her mind, Steph catches her harasser red-handed tampering with her bike. Steph is relived she isn’t going crazy, but surprised at who the culprit is..

Sonya frets when Toadie calls for an emergency marriage counselling session. Sonya suspects that this has something to do with Dee, but when Toadie catches Mark with Sonya after their hospital visit, Toadie’s insecurities and worries force him to reach breaking point.

Wednesday 8th March

Dustin is back in town, and when Jack sees him with Paige he can’t help but get the feeling that there is something more to their relationship than meets the eye. How exactly does Dustin fit into Paige’s life?

Tensions are high when Toadie tells Sonya that he’s ordered Mark out of their house. Their relationship is on the rocks. Sonya is convinced that Dee is poisoning Toadie’s mind. When Toadie accuses her of this, Dee makes a shocking revelation.
Gary is ready to announce his relationship with Terese to the world and insists on having her over for a family dinner. It’s too much too soon for Terese but she loves Gary. Can she take a leap of faith?

Thursday 9th March

Toadie is struggling to control his feelings. When he gets home after a night out, Sonya confronts him about his whereabouts and gives him an ultimatum. He needs to choose: Sonya or Dee.

When Lassiters launch a promotional deal that has the potential to cripple his business, Leo realises he can’t ignore what’s happening. Jasmine offers Leo a payout in return for his silence and signing away any claim on the Udagawas. But can Leo do that, just as he’s starting to care about his family history?

Terese and Gary go public, but Paul finds out before Terese can tell him. How will Paul react to discovering the new couple on Ramsay Street?

Friday 10th March

Leo is torn in the wake of Jasmine’s offer and comes clean to David about everything he’s discovered. How will David react to the discovery of his probable father?

After some distressing news from the Gold Coast, Brad and Lauren reconsider their previous idea of moving there. But who will move with them and who will stay in Erinsborough?

When Steph’s bike is vandalised, she’s certain she knows the culprit – Josie Lamb. But a concerned Mark is worried Steph is taking it too far, and decides to take action against her.