Neighbours episodes 8th to 12th May

Yashvi lands in trouble, Sonya makes a confession and Gary helps Brooke out on a risky scheme in this week’s Neighbours

Neighbours, Monday 8th to Friday 12th May, Channel 5, 1.45pm/ 5.30pm

Monday 8th May

Dipi is blissfully unaware that Yashvi is up to no good until she lands herself in trouble. What has Yashvi done?

Elly observes an intimate moment between Paige and Mark. Paige insists she’s not interested but does Mark feel the same way?

Gary is caught in a web of lies because of Brooke but will his secrecy damage his relationship with Terese?

Tuesday 9th May

Yashvi’s mischief lands herself in hot water. Mark has a lot of questions but the secrets that spill will surprise him beyond belief.

When Paige receives news from the hospital, she turns to Mark for support. What will she confess in the heat of the moment?

Tyler thinks he knows who is responsible for an incident at the Backpacker’s… but can he prove it?

Wednesday 10th May

Mark and Steph uncover something unexpected about Sonya.

Toadie confronts Yashvi about her recent behaviour and run in with the law. Yashvi spills the beans and puts Toadie on the spot. How will he react?

Tyler tracks down T-Bone with the help of an unlikely ally. Will Tyler be able to handle to situation or will his emotions get the better of him?

Mark wants to protect Sonya, but is concerned by her behaviour and what it could mean for Nell.

Thursday 11th May

Elly is suspicious of Finn yet she has no proof that he’s up to anything. So when things start to go wrong at the school, who will the finger be pointed at?

Aaron observes a flirty moment between David and a nurse at the hospital. Will Aaron’s emotions get the better of him?

Tyler battles his mounting concerns and worries that they might not just affect his job, but his relationship as well.

Friday 12th May

Susan and Elly are concerned by Finn’s actions. How far will he go?

David believes Aaron has betrayed him and a wedge is driven between them. What did Aaron do?

Gary helps Brooke with a risky plan but will he be able to stick to his guns and get the job done?