Out of the Blue TV soap cast

The cast of the cult TV soap Out of the Blue.

Daniel Henshall - Addo O'DonnellAdam “Addo” O’Donnell (Daniel Henshall)

As the younger brother of Jarrod, the all-round good guy, and older brother to Paul, the local sports legend, Addo has always had trouble finding his own place as the middle O’Donnell son.

Even now in adulthood, trouble still manages to find him all the time, no matter how big his heart of gold is. His friends and family often feel the need to protect him for exactly this reason. His dad has had to bail him out of numerous jobs and schemes that have gone wrong – cab driving, online investing, pyramid selling and cherry picking.

Addo grew up in awe of Jarrod and his mates and wears the badge of honorary member of the “gang” with pleasure and pride. He has always known he has got into scrapes, but since he can’t remember anything from the night of the murder he doesn’t know what he’s capable of.

Daniel Henshall graduated from the Actors Centre Australia in 2006 with an Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts – The Journey. In 2007, Daniel starred in the short film The Making Of The Darlings and had a guest role on the long-running drama series All Saints. On stage, he performed in The Golden Ass for BSharp/Belvoir Downstairs and The Popular Mechanicals in the Big Comedy Festival at the Riverside Theatre. Journey productions included leading roles in Children Of The Sun, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

Bec Quilter Renai CarusoBec Quilter (Renai Caruso)

While Bec is the high-achieving success story of the group, her personal life is a wretched jumble of mistakes, regrets and broken hearts.

Suffering this much pain has made Bec an expert at distancing herself from her old friends and detaching herself from potentially complicated situations. This troubled young woman is much more vulnerable than she lets on, but is certainly not the ice queen she sometimes comes across as. Bec is a loyal friend and always brutally honest, even if honesty is not the best policy.

One thing that hasn’t changed about Bec is her stunning beauty. She still has the ability to bring any crowd to a standstill when she walks in a room. Some people find her presence unnerving, but most of her friends simply appreciate her good looks and forgive her any faults.

Bec is trying to right past wrongs and move forward in her life, but as she’s discovering, it’s not an easy task. She fled Manly nine years ago and went to live in Melbourne, barely keeping in touch or visiting anyone, until the reunion. A job opening at a local hospital in Manly may offer Bec a permanent and new beginning in her hometown.

Her closest friends are Gabby, Poppy and Stavva and she was the ‘first love’ of Jarrod O’Donnell, although she left him abruptly, just after Gabby’s 21st birthday. In Melbourne she was dating Stephen Mulroney but since discovering that he’s still involved with his wife Angela, everything is up in the air.

Renai Caruso graduated with a BA in Fine Arts Acting from the Queensland University of Technology in 2006, but her career commenced in the late Nineties with roles in Neighbours, State Coroner, Inside Out, Guinevere Jones, Ocean Girl III, Flat Agenda and, most recently, Monarch Cove. Renai has appeared in the feature films What I Have Written, Soul Trade, Unfinished Sky and Daybreakers, alongside Ethan Hawke, William Dafoe and Sam Neill. She also starred in the short films Cassolette, The Shed and The Weight Of Sunken Treasure. While at the Queensland University of Technology, Renai appeared in a number of theatre productions including We Will Rock You, Terrain, Terrain, Terrain, Camille, Lion In The Streets, Our Country’s Good and Once In A Lifetime. Since graduating, she has worked with the Tap Gallery in the production Crestfall.

Daniel McManus (Aidan Gillett)

Daniel harbours immense resentment and disdain, growing up with feuding parents and an older brother, Philip, who he could never compete against for his mother’s affection. Philip also saved Daniel’s skin on more than one occasion, and Daniel doesn’t like owing anyone.

He goes after power and money for all the wrong reasons, and has a mighty chip on his shoulder.

Unlike his brother, Daniel never wanted to be worthy in the eyes of others, he just wants revenge for their self-righteous judgment of him. Although, deep down, Daniel is desperately lonely, he thinks love is a trap.

Even though he’s never had a job, Daniel drives around in the fanciest cars and has all the latest fashions and accessories. Most people suspect that his job is illegal.

Born and raised in the Blue Mountains, Aidan Gillet was brought up on a steady diet of music and sport. He learnt to play drums from the age of three and studied piano from the age of five, eventually focusing on jazz by age 10.

He also learnt guitar from the age of seven and, from there, continued to pick up new instruments whenever they came into his path. He also studied dance from the age of six, performing in the Schools Spectacular as part of the NSW Boys Dance Group. He elected not to study drama in high school, despite heavy criticism from teachers and his parents, instead focusing on his music, soccer and, towards the end, snowboarding.

It was the encouragement of his concierge mentor that saw Aidan try acting in 2004, when he was struggling to decide whether to continue with his Bachelor of Music or stick with being a concierge. A few months and two plays later, Aidan was accepted into NIDA and into the career he should have been in all along. Since Graduating NIDA, Aidan has appeared in Spielberg’s Australian production Pacific.

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