Out of the Blue TV soap

Out of the Blue was the short-lived cult daytime soap set in Manly which was meant as a replacement for Neighbours on BBC.

Welcome to Out of the Blue …

Your old school mates… it doesn’t matter how little or often you see them or even speak to them, your best friends at school will somehow always be your best mates. They are the ones who were there for all the great times – and the worst times, too. The first time you skipped school, went under age clubbing, partied and got smashed on your dad’s stash of vintage scotch, fumbled through your first love affair, went on your first road trip, skinny dipped and did a runner from the cops. They were there when you failed an exam, had a fight with your parents, got your heart broken and needed a shoulder to cry on, a place to crash… and they were even there to support you when you had to bury one of your mates.

There were eight of us that were inseparable – a weird mix of personalities – but we thought we were cool, or at least we did when we were all together.

Even now – twelve years after we left school – we just understand each other like no one does, or could ever do…..well at least that’s what I thought until the reunion, the night that changed our lives forever. Out Of The Blue is a serial drama about my mates and our families. It’s about our great web of relationships, our loves and losses, our victories and screw-ups, our jealousies and rivalries. It’s about the chances taken and mistakes made and the secrets we keep in our deepest darkest hearts. Out Of The Blue is about us and the lives we lead in the lucky country. It’s about blue sky and the sun and the surf. And sometimes, it’s about the storms that rip through when you least expect it.

Out Of The Blue is the ongoing story of the way our lives intersect with the life of our community and the issues that drive it. It’s about the joyous celebrations, the achievements, the tribulations and tragedies that make us… well, us. The series begins with the long-awaited reunion of my eight best mates, but soon turns to tragedy… One of us will be killed, worse still, one of us will be the killer. How did it happen? How will the culprit be uncovered and how will we cope?

The shocking truth will bring the remaining six of us mates closer than ever – we’ll introduce you to our extended families, spouses, lovers, rivals and the businesses that make our lives turn. If you watch closely enough, you might just get a glimpse of the soul of the place we call home – the urban beach suburb of Manly. And once you do, you’ll never want to leave. Most of all, Out Of The Blue shows what real mateship is all about.

Out of the Blue Cast