Sons and Daughters classic aussie soap

Here are some of the Sons and Daughters couples, cliffhangers and storylines that viewers remember with particular fondness.

Top Ten Storylines

Dee’s will divides the Hamiltons, Palmers and Morrells

Patricia plots revenge on Martin Healy and Margaret Dunne

Patricia is wrongly accused of killing Luke and slowly breaks down

Fiona discovers the man who raped Jill is the son she thought was dead

Wayne pays an escort to pretend to be Jill’s long lost mother

Leigh kidnaps Beryl’s baby and gives it away to an orphanage

Karen Fox convinces Wayne that he killed Mitch

David and Patricia reignite their affair while working at Woombai

Amanda falls in love with Todd unaware he is dying

Barbara discovers her first husband is still alive and must chose between him and Gordon

Top Ten Cliffhangers

Patricia tells David that the twins aren’t his

Patricia begs for Margaret’s help after falling from her horse in the bush fire

Angela finds David kneeling over Martin’s dead body holding a gun

The lorry explodes, killing Jim O’Brien and blinding Beryl

Patricia destroys Martin’s suicide letter, thus implicating David in his death

A shot rings out in Woombai as Joe Parker holds hostages in the homestead

An angry Barbara accidentally runs over Wayne in her car after a confrontation

Fiona discovers there is no death certificate for her baby son – he could still be alive

Brian, who everyone believed to be dead, turns up at Jill and Wayne’s wedding

Barbara finds Helen Green’s body floating in the Hamilton’s swimming pool

Top Ten Couples

David Palmer and Beryl Palmer

Gordon Hamilton and Barbara Hamilton

Patricia Morrell and David Palmer

Stephen Morrell and Patricia Morrell

Angela Keegan and Paul Shepherd

Angela Hamilton and Rob Keegan

Kevin Palmer and Lyn Palmer

Karen Fox and Wayne Hamilton

Jill Taylor and John Palmer

Jill Taylor and Wayne Hamilton

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