The first 32 episodes of Prisoner

Fans of Prisoner Cell Block H can now enjoy the whole series on DVD! Here is a sneak peek at the first 32 episodes plots, courtesy of the DVD company.

EPISODE 1: Welcome to Wentworth – this first episode introduces us to some very familiar faces for the first time. New inmates Karen Travers and Lynn Warner are inducted and have to quickly adjust to life inside.

EPISODE 2: Top Dog Bea Smith and long term inmate Mum are released on parole while Lynn protests her innocence by going on a hunger strike. Bea’s first day of freedom is short lived when visits her husband with a ‘present’.

EPISODE 3: Franky Doyle takes over as Top Dog and starts stirring trouble immediately. Chrissie Latham unsuccessfully tries to seduce the prison social worker Bill Jackson. When Bea returns, a riot breaks out resulting in tragic consequences.

EPISODE 4: Bill dies in hospital and the women are determined to punish whoever killed him during the riot, while his wife – Officer Meg Jackson struggles to control her feelings following his death. Mum has an accident in her motel room.

EPISODE 5: Mum recovers at her daughter’s house but isn’t allowed to disclose her real identity to her grand-children. Lynn collapses following her hunger strike but is shocked to find out that she is pregnant when examined by the doctor.

EPISODE 6: Lynn is told she can’t have an abortion so threatens to kill the baby herself. Still protesting her innocence she convinces Meg to investigate. Lizzie plans an escape but ends up drunk in her cell instead.

EPISODE 7: Lizzie finds a new friend in the garden but is devastated when things go wrong. Franky tries to control her temper in the hope she’ll be released. Marilyn is tempted to return to prostitution when she can’t find a job on the outside.

EPISODE 8: Marilyn gets as job working in a hotel. Celebrity beauty consultant Helen Masters is arrested and sent to Wentworth following a hit and run accident but makes a big mistake when she ‘lags’ on one of the other women.

EPISODE 9: Lynn’s appeal is arranged thanks to the help of Helen, but Meg finds herself in trouble when details appear in the newspapers. Eddie accuses Marilyn of going back to her old ways. Lynn finally has something to smile about when she is released.

EPISODE 10: Helen convinces the women to protest about the prison food and offers to help everyone with their problems, but her promises are soon broken when she is released. Vera drowns her sorrows and makes a fool of herself when she gets drunk in a bar.

EPISODE 11: Vera forms an alliance with Graham and between them make Marilyn’s life inside very difficult. Lynn and Doug run away from Lynn’s parents’ house. Franky receives some very bad news about her brother.

EPISODE 12: Karen talks Franky down from the roof. Meg notices that Graham is intimidating Marilyn and threatens to him and Vera that she’ll report it to the Governor if it doesn’t stop. Franky’s advances to Karen are not reciprocated resulting in 3 of the women going over the wall…

EPISODE 13: Lizzie can’t keep up with Doreen and Franky so ends up back inside in the prison hospital while the others find a barn to sleep in for the night. Lynn and Doug plan to get married but Doug can’t resist one more robbery before they settle down.

EPISODE 14: The robbery doesn’t go according to plan when two of the men are shot. Lynn goes into labour but loses the baby. New social worker Jean Vernon arrives and convinces Judith-Anne to visit Mum again. Karen’s mother visits and shares some home truths.

EPISODE 15: Doreen and Franky disguise themselves as nuns in the hope that they can raise some money for their own funds and find a new place to live. Lynn returns to Wentworth after being questioned about the robbery.

EPISODE 16: Miss McBride offers Doreen and Franky a room at her house, which they accept. Vera is set up by Bea and Monica while Mum and Marilyn are released again. Lynn is so depressed that she cuts her wrists – has Meg found her in time?

EPISODE 17: Lynn recovers in hospital. Erica is embarrassed when her niece Barbara is brought to Wentworth for drug smuggling. Vera is reinstated thanks to Barbara who tells Erica everything she hears from the women. Franky and Doreen go on the run again.

EPISODE 18: A young schoolgirl, Sarah, is raped and her mother is determined to get justice on the man responsible. When drugs are found by Vera in Monica’s cell, she realises she has been set up by another prisoner.

EPISODE 19: Franky attacks Toddy when she realises that he’s been bashing Doreen. Vera tells Bea why Barbara is really inside – for smuggling drugs. Sarah spots the man that raped her and calls her mother, who takes matters into her own hands and purposely runs him down in her car.

EPISODE 20: Catherine arrives at Wentworth but has she killed the wrong man? Franky and Doreen plan to rob a hardware store but things go wrong when shots are fired and Franky is hit. Doreen manages to escape but walks back to the prison announcing that her partner in crime is dead.

EPISODE 21: Doreen adopts a ‘tough’ image when she is returned to the other women and blames Karen for Franky’s death. Lizzie finds out that her brother is dying and is allowed the chance to visit him. Barbara suggests that she’s going to cause problems for Vera during her hearing.

EPISODE 22: Lizzie’s visit to her brother ends up with a huge argument between her and Angus. Catherine is sentenced to 3 years after refusing to let her daughter testify. Karen finds out that her re-trial is closer than she thought.

EPISODE 23: Doreen and Barbara have a fight, resulting in Barbara getting drenched with a bucket of dirty water. Catherine is disappointed when her daughter comes to visit. Barbara causes more problems when she barricades herself in her cell, threatening to set the room on fire.

EPISODE 24: Lynn’s father arranges a work placement for her in a friend’s nursery. Karen’s court appearance begins but is adjourned when she becomes too upset. Barbara is transferred to another prison and Doreen returns to her normal self.

EPISODE 25: A new inmate arrives at Wentworth but refuses to say who she is. Lynn’s work release gets off to a bad start when she is accused of stealing money. Karen’s mother gives evidence in Karen’s favour during her re-trial.

EPISODE 26: The mystery woman is revealed as Susan Rice. When Vera goes to the local pub she bumps into ex officer Anne Yates who introduces her to her landlord George Lucas at a party. Vera arranges to see him again but all isn’t as it seems.

EPISODE 27: Susan’s odd behaviour prompts Meg into suggesting psychiatric treatment. George invites Vera to dinner and she discovers that he is heavily involved in drug dealing. Later he tells her that Anne has been arrested and he wants Vera to look after her if she’s sent to Wentworth.

EPISODE 28: Doreen and Lizzie arrange to forge a work release document for Doreen. Anne is, as expected, brought into Wentworth as a prisoner and it doesn’t take Bea long to find out why. Susan is released on a good behaviour bond and Anne demands more protection from Vera.

EPISODE 29: Susan attacks Jason live on television and life on the other side of the bars for Anne goes from bad to worse – she stabs Bea during a fight and runs off then hides in one of the dryers in the laundry, only to have the door closed on her when Vera walks past it…

EPISODE 30: Anne can’t be found anywhere in the prison until Lizzie opens the dryer door to find that she has suffocated inside of it. Monica plans to take over as Top Dog during Bea’s absence but Noeline wants the job and makes up a story to have Monica take the blame for Anne’s death.

EPISODE 31: Clara Goddard confesses to adjusting her financial records and is arrested. Monica gets revenge on Noeline by scalding her in the shower block. Bea escapes from hospital and turns up at Mum’s house but Meg later arrives so Bea has to hide.

EPISODE 32: Lynn’s work release is stopped when her boss finds out she’s attracted to his son. Judith-Anne arranges a disguise for Bea but she has to return to Mum’s when things don’t work out. Vera is left tied up in her flat when she and George split up.

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