Weddings of The Young Doctors

There were countless romances, break ups, marriages and divorces in The Young Doctors. Here are some of the most memorable weddings.

Tony Garcia and Tania Livingston

The cliff hanging end of year episode for 1977 had the promise of a wedding – but whose? Viewers were left guessing if Dr Tony Garcia would marry Lisa Brooks or Tania Livingston. When the show returned in 1978, it was Tania who had bagged the moody Mediterranean. After much pre-wedding media hype, disaster struck the night the episode was due to be screened. Brisbane suffered a power cut and the wedding show had to be repeated there the following night.

Tony and Tania’s marriage was a rocky one and the pair frequently clashed over Tony’s devotion to his career. Finally, Tony chose medicine, and left his wife and the Albert to set up in general practice.

Ben Fielding and Liz Kennedy

Poor Ben Fielding was smitten with lively Liz Kennedy, but her heart wasn’t really in it. They even got as far as the church, before her true love, Dr John Forrest, stormed in and broke up the ceremony.

John Forrest and Liz Kennedy

Not usually known for his sensitivity, John Forrest was a pushover where Liz Kennedy was concerned. He planned a day out in Melbourne where he surprised Liz with a pre-planned marriage ceremony. Their marriage was pretty short even by the standards of The Young Doctors. On their return to Sydney, Liz was electrocuted and killed by a faulty lamp in John’s house. Forrest never really got over Liz, despite attempts at relationships with Tania Livingston and Dolly Davies, amongst others.

Dennis Jamison and Caroline Fielding

Caroline’s first wedding was on the same day she acted as bridesmaid to Tania. Her marriage ended when her husband was gunned down by robbers at the bank where he worked. Some time later she started a romance with orderly Dennis Jamison. Dennis became like a father to Caroline’s little boy, Robert, and the couple eventually married. This being soap, the wedding day wasn’t without its hitches. After a mix-up over the wedding cars, Dennis almost missed the ceremony, arriving with his dad on the back of a push bike.

Caroline and Dennis had a child of their own, Nicole, to complete their family. This was one marriage that did survive, although the pair had their fair share of problems. Over the years they were made homeless, argued over money, neglected each other and were almost, but not quite, unfaithful to each other (Dennis with a patient, Caroline with Dennis’s best friend, Tim!)

Russell Edwards and Julie Holland

Julie had followed her older brother Peter to the bright lights of the city and ended up getting more than she bargained for. During her wedding to Dr Russell Edwards she was gunned down by his psychotic sister, Josephine.

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